My Christmas Presents =)

Quite a few of you have asked me what I got for Christmas so here you go πŸ™‚

I’ve taken pictures of all the little things I got given and I’m very grateful! I didn’t get any really expensive, designer items but I always save for those myself and never expect them as gifts. I got lots of jewellery and cute little things like DVDs, socks, slippers, cups etc. I was really lucky this year to get a lot of little presents, I’m really thankful to everyone and I love them so much! I hope you like the gifts I gave to you too. I put a lot of photos inside of everything I got so you can see. What did you all get? I would love to know!

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My main present from my boyfriend was my Azendi Carousel ring that I have been in love with for ages as you know. I’m wearing it all the time! It’s so pretty! He also got me a giant Eeyore toy, 2 Disney cups (I’m not ashamed to admit I am in love with Disney), Topshop jewellery, DVD’s and 2 little teddies. I know he will read this, so again, I’m really grateful!

My mum got me the panda jewellery, slippers, a hot water bottle, an exfoliation kit and some DVD’s too. I also got some really cute little things like a crystal nail file, a phone pouch, a necklace, a mini chocolate santa, a crystal ring pot and a teddy from my boyfriends family which I love. My gran got me Dove shower products and socks too. Gotta love socks at Christmas, haha!

And these Diesel jeans were a little present to myself, I got a great discount on them and I love them so much! I will have outfit pictures of them soon πŸ™‚ I hope you had an amazing Christmas everyone!


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