Purple Passion

I didn’t really like this years X Factor to begin with because of how much it had turned into a popularity contest and how fixed the voting show seemed to be, but I am really excited for the final tonight. I can’t call who is going to win though, sometimes I think it’s definitely One Direction but then Matt is also a favourite of mine, I’m not that fond of Rebecca’s voice but everyone loves her, so it could be her. It’s a tough final!

I had a quiet weekend, I bought a new pink fish tank which was bigger than my previous one and I spent yesterday doing that and watching TV with my boyfriend. I do enjoy really quiet weekends. I have a lot planned for next week though so hopefully I will have a lot more outfit photos!

Here I was wearing Denimocracy black leggings, a MET sequin tank top, My Topshop black boyfriend blazer, my new Topshop purple chain handle mini box satchel bag, Topshop rings and Bronx purple ankle booties.

I have had these boots for ages but I haven’t really worn them much as they are quite bright. I think I will wear them more often now though. I also love this new bag I got, I have had my eye on it for ages and it’s even prettier in person! My Azendi Christmas giveaway is still going on but it ends in a couple of days so make sure you have got your entries in! It’s had tonnes of entries so thank you to everyone who has entered so far! I have also listed a lot of eBay items so check them out here.

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  1. I love your bag!!!! I went straight to the topshop website after seeing it here – but I couldn’t find it…. maybe it’s for the best though… I have been buying myself too many xmas presents!

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