Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

The snow is one of the most beautiful things nature can give in my opinion, it may be a pain in the butt and cause lots of problems but it can make the most ugliest of scenery the prettiest. My wonderful boyfriend took these amazing photos of the snow and I wanted to share them with you. Please click this blog post to view them all. Enjoy the pictures! I love them! They suit the new snow falling down feature I put on my blog a couple of days ago, ha ha.

I have also listed 20+ items in my eBay store including lots of designer jeans, Louboutin shoes and tops. I have a special charity auction going on as well. You can check out my eBay store by clicking here. You can also enter my Christmas Azendi Snowflake giveaway by clicking here.

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8 responses

  1. Oh Lorna! The snow looks AMAZING! I don’t understand why you got it & we didn’t! SNIFF. Oh well, I can appreciate your bf’s piccies 😉 XoX

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