Items On My Christmas ‘Wish’ List

Christmas is just four and a bit weeks away now and I’m starting to get really excited. More and more lights and decorations are popping up and I can’t wait to start decorating the house! We normally have a huge Christmas tree that goes to the ceiling which I spend all day decorating but this year I think we are going to have a smaller one. The kittens will most likely climb the big tree and destroy it! Haha. It’s their first Christmas so it’s exciting for them.

Another thing I absolutely love about this season is shopping around for gifts! My boyfriend is incredibly hard to buy for though and he says the same about me. I put together a little Christmas wish list, wish being the operative word as a lot of these are only dream presents, of things I would normally lust over online but I wanted to share with you. What are some of the things on your wish lists? I would love to know!

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4 responses

  1. Yeah I adore the Alexander Wang! Too bad it has a high price tag 😦 The butterfly is pretty isn’t it Adam, I know you hate the bag but it’s pretty! And I love blue and purple suede too Lili, it’s so pretty! Oooh a Hermes cuff! That will be cute 🙂

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