Can You Hear The Denim Belles?

I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 earlier today. I have been so excited to see that movie! I’ve been waiting years for it, like most of us have. I loved it! I wont say much about it because I know most of you wont have seen it yet but it’s really good and it leaves it on the most worse cliffhanger ever! I just knew it was going to end when it did! Good job I have read the books so I know what happens, haha! I don’t like not knowing what will happen.

I’m wearing Marc Allison Belle Flare jeans, my Topshop denim shirt, my River Island tank top, my Topshop cracked leather belt, my Topshop Clogs, Purple Shmurple ring and necklace and my K.B LuSH Collaboration bracelet.

I am also wearing a new Eyeko Fat Balm in the shade called Frosting. Their balms are so nice! They make your lips soft and smooth while leaving a burst of colour on them. I have my eye on the Cherry colour next! They are not expensive either!

I’m loving the leaves at the moment, they are turning that beautiful yellow with the gold undertones. Autumn is so pretty! I am also enjoying flared jeans now, more than I used to. They are so comfy! You can win my K.B LuSH Dragonfly Meadows bracelet in the contest I am running at the moment, I am giving one away to one of you lucky readers! Enter by clicking here.

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  3. I like these better than the Dojo’s…they are more fitted to the knee before breaking into a fun flare! The Dojo’s looked looser, at least in the pics! Love the plain back pockets.

  4. i love your jeans!
    and i like the outfit.. very casual but stylish too
    do u know if i could find marc and allison in paris or athens?
    take a look and follow my blog too 🙂

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