Sugar Raindrops Jewellery

I came across the brand Sugar Raindrops last week and I was besotted by some of the jewellery! It’s so pretty and so much fun! I’ve always liked jewellery which can represent what sort of mood you are in and pieces that just burst with happiness.

Laura, the owner and creator of Sugar Raindrops, has been creating things since she was able to hold a crayon. She was always encouraged to do arts by her parents and during her last days of High School she was a part of the Honours Art Society where she explored lots of different mediums of art. Laura bases her items in her shop to be a little slice of heaven, and an escape from violence. She gets inspired by the very idea of being a little kid again in a fairy tale world, and she feels each of her pieces speak that. I think they definitely do! This is the reason I fell in love with her jewellery in the first place, I love fairytales and Disney.

Each of her pieces are carefully mixed with a 1:1 ration of epoxy resin and hardener. Laura hand casts each of her items and works in layers, which are usually done backwards. She loves adding all kinds of little trinkets, charms, and even real candies to her designs. All of her items are lovingly handmade with care. Each are hand sanded, and also touched up with her dremel drill to help further refine the edges. She also hand polishes them so they’re super shiny and sparkly.

I’ve selected 10 of my favourite pieces from her website and put them in this blog post. I think you will love them! She seems to like creating pieces based on Alice In Wonderland and other fictional characters. You can visit her website by clicking here. The best part is her jewellery is not super expensive, the average price point is around $20! I have a few things in the mail which I can’t wait for them to arrive.

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