Purple Shmurple Jewellery

I came across this amazing jewellery by Purple Shmurple last night, as soon as I saw just a couple of the pieces I knew it was an amazing collection! Jeanne, the owner and designer, makes all of the items by hand and by herself. Her main materials she uses are clay, beads and metal. She has been crafty and creative since she was very young and you can definitely see her experience showing through in her beautiful necklaces and rings etc.

Sometimes it can take her a very long time to create just one item due to the detail and design on each piece, she has a lot of patience and talent as you can see. Each piece that she makes has to be detailed and in perfect condition before she sends them out to the customers, she really makes sure her jewellery is as perfect as can be. Jeanne even gave out candy necklaces, that she spent ages making, to the kids as they were trick or treating.

I have selected a few of my favourite pieces from her website to share with you. I’m absolutely in love with the cupcakes and candy style jewellery, those are so unique and cute! The paw necklace and the bows are also another favourite! You can shop her jewellery at ThePurpleShmurpleShoppe.com.

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4 responses

  1. These are adorable. Love the bracelet with the hearts, pearls and slices of cake. Also love the brass one with the various trinkets on it.

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