Christian Louboutin Framboise Madame Butterfly Bootie For Spring 2011 – Heaven In A Shoe!

Oh my goodness! My eyes literally popped out of their sockets when I saw this shoe! The Christian Louboutin Framboise Suede Madame Butterfly Bootie is brand new for the Spring 2011 collection and I can’t stop staring at its beauty! The magenta coloured suede is just perfect!

I fell in love with the Madame Butterfly Bootie when it first came out in Fall 2010, it was only in black but it was stunning. Now it exists in this amazing shade of pink, I am in love! It’s just so beautiful, my words can’t even express it! I just wish I could afford it’s huge price tag and actually walk in a heel that high… sigh. At least I can just stare at this little slice of Heaven in a shoe.

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Image courtesy of Ochie’s (from TPF) sales assistant.


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