Leaves Are Falling In The Dojo

Flared jeans are becoming some what of my guilty pleasure, guilty because I used to vow I would never wear them because they were completely unflattering (and the fact that I was wrong, haha) but pleasure because they are so comfortable and really great for Autumn. I find as long as I pair them right and always wear heels they look ok. I also found this Koala hat by the tills at Topshop when I was shopping the sale a little while ago, I fell in love with it because Koala’s are one of my favourite animals! They are SO cute 🙂

I’m wearing 7 For All Mankind Dojo Jeans in Daring Cleo, a Topshop short sleeve loose fit t-shirt, a Topshop cracked leather belt, my Topshop brown clogs, my Topshop Ducks necklace, an ASOS sewing kit bangle and a Topshop Koala hat.

One thing that shocked me when I looked at the calender this morning was how close to Christmas it is! It’s only 2 months away! I have no idea where this year has gone or why it has gone by so fast but it has. I’m kind of looking forward to the week before Christmas as I am celebrating it early with my boyfriend as I wont see him for Christmas day, I can’t wait! I’m going to Pizza Express again this weekend too, haha, I have fallen in love with their pizza’s so much 😀

My giveaway with Fantasy Jewelry Box is doing really well but more entries are needed. I need to reach 500 FaceBook fans before I can close the contest and I currently have 290 so make sure you tell all your friends about the contest, it’s such a beautiful bracelet! Enter the giveaway by clicking here.

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24 responses

  1. Lorna, those jeans are great on you, goes along with @7famk’s wide leg winter theme…I know your not super tall, but the jeans make your legs look reallllllllly long, really happy for you and all you have accomplished, this is one of your best posts, outfit and scene all in icluded, your poses get better and better

  2. You know I love flares, I am so proud of you…:) You still need to try a pair of J Brand Lovestory! They are so fun to wear. I have a pair of 7fam bell bottoms and I love wearing them, they are Sooooooo comfy. Wide flares always require heels and a confident attitude! So you are all set! Aw, and I like the hat! xo

  3. Thanks Davis, that’s really kind 🙂

    Thanks David, but I think they look especially cute on someones head lol 😀

    Thanks Adam and Sarah!

    Thanks Jen, I will try the Lovestory at some point, I just can’t seem to find a pair that fits nicely, most were too big or too itchy lol. Thanks for the compliments though!

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  6. The jeans look so good on you and they are really flattering indeed!


    P.S.: Come by my blog whenever you want and leave you’re opinion. X)

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  8. hey Lorna,

    I want to say that you look really nice! try and relax a little in the photos and enjoy yourself! you look quite stiff (I know its hard, I find that too) but otherwise it looks great!

    goodluck in the future!

    Love Emma

  9. Hi Emma, these pictures are like a year old, if you click my home page you will see my recent ones which I don’t think I look as stiff in but thanks anyway!

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