Feathers, Flowers & Fleece

I just started looking forward to the weekend and unfortunately I’m not feeling very well again! I think it’s this weather, it’s gone absolutely freezing, so cold I can always see my breath outside and in theory, it really shouldn’t be that cold just yet! Even though I was looking forward to the pretty colours of Autumn, I could do without it being this cold! I took these photos last weekend but didn’t post them just yet, luckily it wasn’t as cold back them otherwise this outfit would have been a no no!

I’m wearing my Topshop brown PU Leather hooded jacket, a RARE floral print dress, a Topshop brown cracked leather belt, my new Topshop Amore Shearling boots, a Topshop feather and bow head band, an Urban Outfitters Zebra engraved cuff and a Topshop Bluebird ring.

I’ve had these boots for a little while now and I adore them! I can’t get enough of them because they are exactly what I have been searching for! I love the fleece mixed with the buckles on the shape of the boot. I’m also loving the headband! Are you all doing anything fun for the weekend? Again, don’t forget to enter my Fantasy Jewelry Box giveaway by clicking here.

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  1. Great poses babes!! Heels are fantastic, love it when someone goes away from black, great incorporation of the jack, hair is looking fine as ever and I’m stoked about the stoic looks you give…

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