Taylor Swift Loves Wildfox Love Potion

The very cute and beautifully faced Taylor Swift was seen out and about in Beverly Hills, California last month on the 11th September 2010.

Taylor was wearing one of my favourite sweaters! The Wildfox Love potion Cream Knit with a pair of denim leggings and brown boots which she finished off with red sunglasses and a neutral bag. I absolutely love this outfit and the sweater is so pretty! The sequin perfume bottle on the front is gorgeous! I am very fond of Taylor’s pretty, cute and feminine style that she normally has so it’s nice to see her in a different kind of outfit like this. This Wildfox knit is still on my ever growing wish list unfortunately! Hopefully I can get it soon!

You may have noticed that all of my posts you have to click them to view all of the images now, the reason for this is because it makes my site load faster so it’s easier to view the home page. It’s also faster to leave a comment that way too!

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