A Trip To Town

I forgot about this post! I made it back in the Summer and I left it in drafts while I was really busy with other blog posts. I thought I would take a few photos of a day out at town. I love the sorbet above! I actually hate ice cream, I know that’s an appalling thing to say, but I do, haha. Sorbet is my favourite and the Real Italian ice cream shop makes the best lemon one ever! I also had my favourite ready salted crisps from Marks & Spencers 🙂

I was wearing my Paige Premium Skyline jeans which I cuffed with my Bloch flats. On another note, I just got my J Brand 910 jeans in Hightide which I have been waiting for for ages! I love them and I think they might be my new favourite J Brand jeans! I’ve bought a few Autumn essentials for the cold weather as well which I will be sharing with you soon. Sorry I don’t have many outfit pictures at the moment, I haven’t had time to take any, but next week I will make sure I make up for that! I know the outfit posts are your favourites 🙂

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