Shopping For Shearling

Shearling or sheepskin has been popping up all over clothes for the past month or so and it’s becoming really popular! I’m seeing more and more of it when I go out and I’ve started to like it. To be honest, when I first saw the new Topshop Look Book and it had a lot of shearling on the coats and jackets, I wasn’t too sure if it would take off. I’m really glad it has though, I’m loving so many of the boots and jackets!

But for those of you, like myself, who wont do the real sheepskin, then there are plenty of faux sheepskin options and Topshop has lots of them! I know it’s going to keep me toasty in the Winter months as I get really cold so easily! All of these items in this post are available to buy at Topshop. You know it’s my favourite store, haha! Please click this blog post to view the rest of the items.

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