Birds Of Paradise & Jessica Simpson Jeans

I am really not liking my hair at the moment, I haven’t had it cut for a while and it’s getting a bit uncontrollable. The main reason I haven’t been to the hairdressers is because I don’t really like going, it takes so long to wash/cut/dry my hair as it’s so thick, I don’t like sitting there that long, haha. I do really need to go though, I am half tempted to try a new style but I am not sure what.

I’m wearing a pair of the new Jessica Simpson denim leggings, an All Saints birds t-shirt, a Topshop sleeveless PU leather jacket, my Topshop Salma black heels and an ASOS chain and fabric bracelet.

I got given these jeans by the Jessica Simpson team and they wanted me to style them so I decided to go for a bit more of a rock chick look rather than my usual girly style. I love them though! I was so suprised with how comfy they are and how flattering, especially because they barely cost anything to buy!

I know the Fashion Week blogs are taking up most of the posts on my blog recently so I hope you are enjoying them! I still have loads to do but I am trying to only do what I think are the best ones and the most popular ones. Paris Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday and from tomorrow onwards they will be having the hottest shows, I can’t wait! I will be covering them as soon as photos are available! I hope everyone is enjoying the last day of September!

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  2. I am always letting my hair grow long like yours and then chopping it up to my shoulders…it makes for a fun change without being too drastic, and it is easy to grow it back out again. Go for it! As for the time…just block it on your calendar and make it a break to look forward to instead of an interruption.

  3. Thanks Sarah 🙂

    Jen, I don’t want to chop it short, I was just thinking of more layers and maybe a fringe or something like that, I definitely love having long hair 🙂

  4. Once again your the best! The jacket is bleeping hot! The heels are amazing! And I’m cool with the leggings! Poses are perfect and expressions give and an edge we both know you don’t really have! I give this a 9 out of 10!

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