A New Love For Zandra Rhodes

I was scrolling through a fashion magazine the other day and I came across a pair of boots that I loved, the Davina (image below). It got me looking on the Zandra Rhodes website and I realised how many amazing shoes she has and how much of a great designer she is. Zandra has some incredible ankle boots in very hot styles, I really am in love! Those Davina boots are high up on my wish list now! Zandra made a little statement about her latest collection:

‘I wanted to design an affordable colourful collection accessible for a wider audience of Zandra Rhodes admirers. It was particularly exciting designing this collection because I haven’t designed shoes in so long and I believe that it’s shoes that finish an outfit – we are now more aware of footwear than ever before. These shoes will make those that love wearing heels stand out from the crowd’

I couldn’t agree more! Shoes are a big obsession of mine as you know and I think she did well with this collection! Hopefully I will own a pair very soon! A few things I didn’t know about Zandra is that she has designed for Princess Diana and other royals and celebrities. She also studied in London and founded a Textile and Fashion museum there in 2003.

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I also included a couple of photos of Zandra’s studio, it looks like such a fun and inspirational place to work! I think your studio environment is important for your designs, it helps with your creativity.


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