Fly Like A Bird

The weather is really strange here at the moment. It’s going from hot to cold a lot during the day and earlier we had a crazy freak thunder storm! I hate thunder! I’m always so scared of it. One thing I do find much better is that I am not roasting anymore, it really was getting much too hot before!

I’m wearing my Topshop boyfriend blazer, my Paige Premium Lou Lou Tulip flared jeans, my Topshop clogs, a vintage Topshop gold silk cami top, a Topshop bag, Miss Selfridge rings and a Topshop necklace.

The cami top may look familiar to you because I wore the pewter one the other day, I have both colours and I really love them at the moment. As always, I am still wearing a lot of Topshop clothes, I adore Topshop, but I have noticed I don’t seem to be wearing as much pink anymore! I have no idea what’s happened but I like to go for more darker shades at the moment. I have this thing for bird jewellery too, I’ve been stocking up on cute necklaces and rings with birdies on them. I do love animal jewellery! I found it funny that I saw Konnie on the Xtra Factor over the weekend wearing the exact same necklace!

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  1. Lorna! You seem to do it everytime, but this is such a fantastic look! Evertyhing from the jeans to the blazer…to the smile on your face is magical! Great outfit post! Coh wax in 2010!!!

  2. I just had a look, it’s a very cute dress with birds on 🙂

    Thanks Davis and Sarah! The ring doesn’t catch on things much so it’s ok!

    Thanks Kaitlyn 😀 They are Topshop clogs, I mention all of my clothes in the text so anytime you want to know just check out the writing and it will tell you.

  3. I have an old brooks brothers blazer and I just cannot believe it is in style again this fall. I can’t believe I kept it (er, shall I say I was too lazy to get rid of it in the meantime). I love nature-themed jewelry! I am jealous of your cool weather, we are having a hot spell so it is back to shorts until next week. Boo! 🙂

  4. Thanks Adam!

    Jen – Yeah! Good job you kept it, the boyfriend blazers are definitely cute! That’s a shame your weather is still hot though, hopefully it cools down soon! Yay for nature jewellery!

  5. P.S. You KNOW I am so happy to see those flares again! 🙂 Have you tried MIH jeans? I just nabbed a pair of their boot cut jeans on Ebay, eager to check them out, but they are coming to me from UK so I have to wait a bit!

  6. Hehe 😀 I do love these flares! Yeah, I have a pair of MiH skinny jeans but I’m not really a fan of the way the back pockets fit me. They seem to look nice on everyone else except me 😦

  7. You put your clothes together so good, you have amazing taste and a great eye for style and flare… Keep up the good work, i always look forward to seeing what your wearing next.
    Ali x

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