The Tithe Barns

I took a trip a little while ago to a place called The Tithe Barns. It’s like a really cute, old fashioned village with little barns everywhere with gifts in and a restaurant where you can eat on a boat. Unfortunately it was much too hot to eat inside the boat so we picked a bench next to the river. I do like being next to water though, it’s just so calming and so relaxing listening to it 🙂

The little gift shops are my favourite part! I love mini shops like that! They sell stuff you don’t really need but it’s so cute and pretty you have to buy it anyway. I picked up some pink heart shaped pebbles, those are so cute! I also fell in love with those rainbow mosaic mirrors but I didn’t buy one. Seeing as it was so hot, ice lollies were definitely needed! They had a little stand selling fruit ones and they were the brightest colour ever! I picked pink of course 🙂

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