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Platform shoes are one of my favourite type of heels. They give you that extra height but with the comfort of being able to walk in them due to the platform. I can never really do any heels over 4 inches in steepness so having the extra height at the front really helps! Not to mention they look incredibly sexy! I piled together a few of the ones I am in love with at the moment. The Christian Louboutin RolandZip heels are incredible! I love the way he put the silver zipper up the heel for aesthetic purposes. I also really love the YSL Palais Fuschia platforms, those are so pretty! The colour is amazing! All of these shoes are available to buy on Net-A-Porter and Luisaviaroma. Which do you like the most?

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10 responses

  1. Oh! Those grey flannel ones are amazing. I’m seriously lusting over all of the platforms in your post. I know kitten heels are gaining popularity, but I just won’t do it.

  2. I know! I love those Bianca so much 😀 I have never tried the Bianca, it’s gorgeous in the Peacock colour as well, so amazing! It also comes in Barbie Pink 😀

  3. The first pair have to be my favorite only because of the zipper on the back of the heels. I not sure why they are there because I cant think of any purpose that it would serve but I still think it is really cute. I love platforms and just looking at all of these pictures really makes me want to go grab a pair or two!

  4. The zippers are just there for aesthetic purposes 🙂 Just to add a uniqueness and make them look different. The zippers don’t actually work 🙂

  5. The kind of silhouette that showcases power and oomph! These kinds of shoes have long been a favorite with women and Christian Louboutin makes the very best of them.

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