LOOKBOOK.nu Inspirations

I honestly adore Look Book! It’s full of such amazing fashion sense and everyone’s style is so unique, I love looking through all of the pictures. A lot of them give me inspiration for my own outfits just like seeing people in the street does. I like seeing something pretty on someone and then imagining what I could pair it with. I think I am literally obsessed with clothes! I piled together some of my favourite looks from the site. Each person is credited below the photos 🙂

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Looks from Ebba Z.

Looks from Elle R.

Looks by Cheyser P.

Looks by Nadia D.

Looks by Josefin J.

Looks from Andy T.

Looks by Michèle K.

Looks by Matilda M.

Looks by Caylee M.

Looks by Anouska P.

Looks by Diya L.

Looks by Lena A.

Looks by Laura E. (Would look better if you replace cigarette with clutch)


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