Looks I Love: Botkier Shoes Fall 2010

I only found out about Botkier shoes last week actually, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit but I thought they were just a bag only brand. I was really suprised when I saw how gorgeous some of their shoes are! They have some amazing styles available! This is their Fall 2010 Look Book with the shoes and boots they have available right now. The Demi and Leah boots with the metallic shiny strips on the front are stunning! I love them! I also really like the Orly ankle boots, they are so cute! Which ones are your favourites?

Botkier is actually sponsoring Bloglovin and a few well known fashion bloggers. I think that’s really cool and they are definitely keeping up with what’s hot! I love Bloglovin. Please follow me on there (by clicking here) for instant blog updates and keeping track of all of your favourite blogs in one place!

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6 responses

  1. That is a serious look with the leather trousers….sexy!!

    Botkier have a pretty impressive collection for this season and it’s surprising that they are sponsoring Bloglovin.

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