Flowers In The Distance

I have really enjoyed this weekend! It’s been a quiet one, I didn’t do much but I enjoy days like that. This dress is one of the many items I picked up during my sale shopping last week. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! You know I am a huge fan of anything pink and I love floral print! So this dress is really beautiful to me! I thought I would include some of the beautiful scenery that surrounds me every day as well, so you can see it 🙂

I’m wearing my new River Island floral print dress, my Christian Louboutin Cramberry Declic, My Adele Marie Fuchsia Swarovski bangle, a Swarovski Crystal Heart pendant and my ASOS flower hair clip.

I ended up actually having a small scuff on the bottom of the heel of my shoes! I was so upset, it’s not very big but my heel got stuck in one of the pavement cracks and it’s scuffed and peeled a bit. I’m really gutted! I’m just thankful it’s only really tiny and not very noticible. This is the first time it’s ever happened to any of my Louboutins as well, it’s heart breaking as these Cramberry shoes are one of my favourite pairs!

Please keep following me on Bloglovin! I need 11 more followers to reach 100 so I can start my next giveaway! I will give you a clue… It starts with L and ends in M and rhymes with roshi! Any guesses? 😀



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  1. Thanks Sarah! I know it’s really sad having it happen. One of my cats actually put 4 claw marks down the front of a pair of ankle boots I have, accidentally and they weren’t Louboutins thank goodness but everything is such a danger to shoes lol!

  2. That dress is adorable! Your style is so cute and floral-y, I love it! (L)

    P.S. The scenery is amazing! Is this in the UK?

  3. Lovely photos! Sorry about the shoes, the first nick is the hardest, but at the end of the day it means you were wearing them out and having fun! I have a pair of black lanvin heels that show a lot of love…but now I wear them all the time since they are no longer so perfect I have to be fearful…now I can just enjoy them without saving them for a special occasion!

  4. Hey Jen 🙂 I know, I feel that way now, like I can wear them a lot more than I originally did because they are not perfect anymore, so I guess in a way it’s good as it means they get more use 😀

  5. You can’t take it with you…may as well enjoy them! Kind of like why save the fine china and silver just for Christmas and stuff? Doesn’t do anyone a bit of good sitting there all hidden away!

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