Floral Skirts & Summer Evenings

I normally think about my purchases or think of what I would like and then see if I can find something suitable, however, with this skirt it was a complete impulse buy, I saw it in the store and just picked it up and bought it right away because it was so cute! I do most of my clothes shopping online but when I go shopping in town I really like it, I find it opens up my style a lot more as I see things on other people or on mannequins and it gives me inspiration. I find myself buying a lot more clothes on impulse lately too and they work out well 🙂

I’m wearing a River Island floral lace skirt, a Topshop pink tank top, my Topshop Shirley tan wedges, Topshop owl and butterfly rings with a beaded charm bracelet, a Miss Selfridge heart locket necklace and my ASOS pink flower hair clip that I love.

I’ve really got a liking lately for cute and bold rings! Topshop have an amazing selection and I love most of them but I only have 3 at the moment, I’m completely in love with my owl ring though, it’s so cute! It’s perfect for the summer evenings that I really like, it’s so nice sitting in the garden while the sun sets and it’s warm 🙂

Please feel free to enter my Azendi Jewellery giveaway that I have going on at the moment. It’s completely free! Also please keep following me on Twitter and Bloglovin for daily updates!



14 responses

  1. I love shopping online so much more than going into shops, but you made an awesome purchase with the skirt! So flirty and cute! And I love the kitty popping in the photo haha!

  2. you are much too cute!!! the lacy details in the skirt + topped off by rocking the flower in your hair…..ab FAB 😉


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