Clever Clogs Said The Denim Shirt

Aren’t the new style clogs just adorable? I’m really loving them! I think clogs look so cute with just about anything really, they are definitely a versatile shoe! This is actually my first time wearing a pair of clogs though, I never really liked them before I saw how pretty the newer style clogs were, I then fell in love! I’m also really enjoying being able to wear shorts and tank tops again! It’s been amazing with the weather so hot and dry, it puts a smile on my face 😀

I’m wearing a Topshop light wash denim shirt, a Topshop white tank top, a pair of All Saints stone coloured shorts, my new Topshop Prima Sling Clogs and some Topshop wooden beaded bracelets.

As you can tell I am a huge fan of Topshop! Their clothes are probably my favourite clothes on the high street. I can’t go past the shop without having to go in, I really love their stuff! Especially their jewellery! I just bought some really cute rings which I can’t wait to share with you! 🙂

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  1. Thanks Tara! They are a bit painful though, well hard more than anything, haha. I got my new Louboutins as well but I’m so sad, they are really really tight, I’m hoping I can exchange them for half a size up but they came from Paris so I don’t know 😦

  2. LOVE the clogs but such a bummer when they are uncomfortable…I find that shoes like that are the toughest because you love them too much to get rid of them, but they are too uncomfy to wear a lot…so they end up spending a lot of time in the closet. Hope you can swap the Loubi’s!

  3. Yep, that’s how it is! I’ve only worn them 2 times for a really short while lol but they are much too pretty to giveaway, I have this thing where I will just keep pretty shoes and stare at them even if they don’t fit well, haha! I really hope I change the CL’s too 😀

  4. Ur too adorable!! I’m deciding to get the prima clogs too but was wondering if they hurt? /: Can u give me insights n thoughts on the comfort level of these shoes pweeeze!! Cuz I rly want them but don’t want to get it if I’ll hardly wear em. I’m hoping these would be an everyday shoe.. I know they are 5″ inches tall.. How high is the platform?? Ur reply will be greatly appreciated!! Thx [; ❤ xo

  5. Hi Daniella 🙂
    They really are not very comfortable, I can’t wear mine for long at all as they crush my toes and every step I take, because they are so steep, my toes end up cracking lol! It’s not very good so I wouldn’t recommend the Prima sling ones, I would recommend the lower heeled ones though, they are comfy 🙂

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