Pretty Purple Diesel Nevy 8N5

I have been waiting to do this post for such a long time and I’m really thankful it was so sunny on Saturday! The sun really brings out the purple undertones of the jeans. I am completely in love with these Diesel Nevy jeans, I fell in love with them when I saw them on Asos but they only had a 32 leg, the only other place I could find them in a 30 leg was a Diesel concessions store in Selfridges so I bought them right away! I just can’t get enough of them! They are the prettiest Diesel jeans I have seen since the 61X and 81M washes! They even have purple pockets and dye inside! Being so denim addicted and a huge fan of Diesel, I literally have love hearts in my eyes when I look at these, haha 😀

I’m wearing my Diesel Nevy 8N5 skinny jeans with purple undertones, my Christian Louboutin Cramberry Declic 90, my white Warehouse loose tank top, my Miss Selfridge pink and purple beaded fabric necklace and some plastic beaded bracelets I made myself a while ago.

I’m always making jewellery, bracelets and earrings are my favourite pieces to make. You can be so creative with them! I find I like to make them more when it’s sunny outside as I get more inspiration. I love designing and making things! I included lots of photos in this blog post so you can see the jeans in as much detail as possible 🙂

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  1. Well don’t they look fun!! Are they rigid or stretch? I’ve had a pair of matics, they were just way too low for me in the derriere…I have a 4 year old, it gets kind of dicey trying to chase him around while always having to hitch up my jeans if they are too low. These look like they would be a fun jean for a night out! Maybe I’ll be inspired to give Diesel another try sometime this fall – do you find you need to size up in Diesel – the pair I got was pretty snug, I’m a 26 and it would have been way better in a 27.

    Your blog is a fun diversion for me, Lorna, thanks! Love your shoes, too! I’m waiting for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Snick platforms to come in the mail, am so excited for them, I LOVE platform shoes – I am 5’4 and without them all my jeans would be too long! I can’t get away with high heels for work but platforms work out great and they are so comfortable! have a great day!

  2. Thanks Jen 😀 Yeah these definitely run small, I find Diesel running a bit smaller than it used to now, I used to fit 26/27 in Diesel and now I fit 28 so I do have to size up. These are 1% stretch so they are a bit stretchy, they are not my comfiest jeans and the rise definitely seems about the same as Matic, Matic is my other favourite cut 🙂 I don’t have very long legs so I prefer the lower rises 🙂

    I love Jeffrey Campbell! You will have to show them when you get them 😀 I’m really glad you like my blog as well, that means so much to me 🙂 I have a new pair of Louboutins in the mail at the moment, they should be here this week so I can’t wait to share them!

  3. I am probably your oldest and most matronly reader at 40yrs old with a toddler, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to be an old frumpy lady, I love my fun shoes and fun jeans and I am in shape so why not! You know you got me to try the skinny jeans and they ARE fun but I still am in love with my flare jeans, too, especially paired up with a sweet pair of platforms! I can’t wait until fall when it is cool enough to wear jeans again! Thx for the tips on the Diesel fit!

  4. I don’t think age matters one bit, as long as you look good in what you are wearing that’s what really counts 🙂 I will be doing another post in flared jeans soon actually, next week I hope 🙂 I’m doing the Paige Premium Lou Lou Tulip jeans! They are SO cute! Flared jeans with wedges/platform shoes look the best, they make your legs look so long! 😀

  5. I used to make bracelets like those all the time when I went to raves, we’d trade them all the time. The jeans are gorgeous though! Are you excited for the diesel sale tomorrow?

  6. I’ve always loved them since I was little because they are girly 🙂

    I’m really excited for the Diesel sale yeah, I can’t wait 🙂

  7. Love your blog and fashion sense 🙂 Keep up the great work 🙂

    Do you mind telling me where I can buy a pair of these awesome jeans online? Thx!

  8. Thanks Zina! Unfortunately the only place online that had them was and that was two seasons ago so I’m not sure if they are still around, sorry!

  9. Oh right! Thanks for that. This is actually latest arrival in Australia given our seasonal differences with you guys.

    I saw this in the Diesel store the other day but they were charging an arm and leg for it so I wanted to try my luck and see if I could purchase these online instead!

  10. Yeah, they cost a LOT of money, it’s because of how much effort went into the wash. I paid full retail for them and it was definitely an arm and two legs lol!

  11. LOL!

    I guess you get what you pay for and that’s a quality pair of jeans with a fantastic wash! I’ll let you know if I end up getting a pair 🙂

  12. Yeah definitely do! They really are beautiful. Have you checked on eBay? Sometimes I have seen pairs on there but they are not called 8N5, just Nevy 🙂

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