Shorts, Wedges & Topshop Embellished

I’m so glad the sun has been shining again this weekend! I went to see Letters To Juliet on Saturday and I loved it! It was so romantic and such a sweet movie, I’m really happy I got to see it! If you love romance movies as much as I do then I definitely recommend you go see it, it’s beautiful πŸ˜€

I wore my new All Saints shorts today with my new Topshop Shirley Wedges, a Topshop loose tank top with crystals and beads on the front which I bought yesterday after watching the movie, a Topshop necklace which I also got yesterday, a white tank top and Topshop beaded wooden bracelets.

I really do love Topshop clothes! They have such a unique style and I really like that, they also have such pretty shoes and jewellery which I can never get enough of πŸ˜€

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos of my new Diesel jeans that I am besotted with. I wont be able to take them until Saturday as I wanted to get really good lighting and use a great camera to show the beautiful wash and details nicely. I’m sorry! I might give you a little teaser photo of them later on in the week though on Twitter so make sure you are following me by clicking here.



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