Summer Lovin

I don’t think I know of anyone who really doesn’t like the Summer. The sun is shining, it stays light for ages, all the flowers and trees are in full bloom, everything just looks so beautiful when it’s Summer time. I really love being in the country and looking upon fields after fields, it’s nice to be able to wake up each morning and see that, I’m really thankful. The only thing I do dislike about country life is the smell of manure when they spread it haha 😀

Since it’s been so hot, jeans are not really an option at the moment unless I want to cook myself, so I have been wearing shorts and tank tops. I got these cotton cargo style shorts from Miss Selfridge a couple of months back and I am really glad I did, I have worn them so many times already! I paired them with my loose white tank top from Warehouse, which I am also addicted to right now, my Topshop T-Bar wedges, same goes for those as you can tell, my Rayban aviators, my Miss Selfridge necklaces and my ASOS silver ethnic style cuff.

I want to get more shorts now! I have some denim Paige shorts in the mail which I can’t wait to get and I want to buy some more cargo style ones. Rich & Skinny have some very cute pairs in their Fall 2010 Look Book which I have my eye on! I hope they become available soon 🙂

I am also trying to find a nice floral playsuit, that will be perfect for the hot weather. What are your favourite pieces for Summer? I will be uploading more photos later on in the week. The rest of the photos to come are at the park with the hot air balloons and different shoes.



10 responses

  1. Topshop has some of the cutest things! They dont have one anywhere near where I live so I have to look online. Their jewelry makes me smile.

  2. Yeah, I love their jewellery too, they have some really pretty pieces! I was in Topshop today and they had 3 racks of it all 😀 It’s annoying how quickly their stuff sells out though. It’s gone in a flash 😦

  3. What can I say, the “weather” looks damn nice! 😛 stay in shorts, think we need to see more of thoose legs of yours 😉

  4. Very pretty pictures Lorna! Yay for paige denim shorts- let us know how amazing they are. Another really cute outfit too.

    I know what u mean about the manure smell- LOL! We get that a bit in Bristol aswell 😉


  5. Thank you Tara 🙂 Haha I know, it’s really stinky isn’t it! And of course I will let you know about the Paige shorts 😀

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