The Blonds Louboutins

I found this really cool video of the famous Phillipe Blonds Christian Louboutin shoes. I am in love with the Dahlia strass he is wearing in the first shot and he has an amazing collection! I am so jealous! Phillipe is so pretty as well, I think he looks so feminine and so girly dressed as a woman which is rare to find! Do you love his shoes too?

Speaking of Louboutin shoes, I have my name on the waiting list for the brand new Declic 120 in Fuxia Square Suede and the Rosella flat in Fuxia Square Suede. I’m so excited for them to arrive at the boutiques! I haven’t seen either in photos or in person yet but I know I am going to love them! I’ve been saving hard 😀


4 responses

  1. Stunning shoes. I love your site I will definetely be following. And the shoes you are waiting for are both gorgeous too. Please stop by at my blog sometime. Much love from New Zealand. x

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