Fields Of Pretty Poppies

Poppies are such a pretty flower! I love it when I go passed a field and it looks like it’s been covered in a red blanket of petals, they just stand out and add so much colour to the green grass. When I saw this dress as I was just browsing around some clothes shops I fell completely in love with it! I adore floral prints and Summer dresses and the lace on the top of the dress makes it so cute and girly, I really like it. Miss Selfridge always seem to have so many clothes that suit my style and at such affordable prices 🙂

I’m hoping the weather will warm up so I can wear more dresses. It’s still pretty cold right now which makes me sad. I love the sunshine and the sky being a beautiful clear blue colour.

In the photos I wore my Miss Selfridge Poppy dress with a Topshop long cream cardigan, Christian Louboutin Sock Mary Janes in metallic red, Disney Couture Tinkerbell earrings and a Swarovski crystal heart necklace that I got for my birthday last year. My eyes always light up every time I see crystals so I love jewellery that sparkles 🙂

So who else loves floral prints as much as I do?



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