Take Me Down To The Houlihan City

Where the grass is green and the trees are pretty…

This weekend I went to go and see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus at the cinema. I knew the movie would be romantic and funny but I had no idea it would be so sad!! It was so emotional and such a tear jerker but I loved it! I thought Miley played her role ok, it’s different as I am used to seeing her in Hannah Montana. Liam Hemsworth acted well too, you can see the chemistry between them both. Greg Kinnear who plays the father and Bobby Coleman who plays the little brother were amazing though! I thought they acted brilliantly, they really made the film believable and I was so impressed by Bobby’s performance! I really liked the movie though and I can’t wait to buy it on DVD!

I wore my J Brand Houlihan cargo pants in Vintage Olive which J Brand were kind enough to gift me last week. This is the 3rd time I have worn them now! I had no idea I would fall in love with them so much and that they would be this comfy! They are beautiful and the fit is perfect. I’m in love with them! I wore them with my trusty Topshop wedges, a Warehouse white tank top and my Mike & Chris brown fleece vest.

I have had this Mike & Chris vest for a while! Maybe a year but I never got around to wearing it yet. I find it suits the Houlihan cargo pants perfectly and the wedges add a femininity to the outfit as well. Hopefully I will have a new pair of wedges soon. Gosh I love wedges! It’s funny because I never used to be that keen on them. Mainly because I found it hard to walk in them but since I have been into Christian Louboutin shoes, and his shoes are high, I can walk in heels just fine now, so I am happy 😀

To read a review on these pants, please click here.



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