YAY! New Christian Louboutin Shoes!

It’s been a while since I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes so I was really excited when the doorbell rang this morning! I just got one of the pairs that I have been eyeing up for a while now. Coral is my absolute favourite colour for clothing (besides pink) so I am really glad that loads of clothes and shoes are being made in the colour right now. So may I present to you my brand new Coral Pigalle 85! This is my first time trying Pigalle and gosh they are toe crushers! They hurt a lot but I’m sure they will break in really soon 🙂

I included lots of photos of the packaging as well because I think it’s gorgeous! I will be taking more photos this weekend of my new denim and other new clothes so I will have outfit pictures wearing these too! Stay tuned and I hope you like them 🙂


8 responses

  1. oh wowowowow! they are beautiful, congratulations =) i love coral for clothes as well its such a beautiful colour…i’m finding that it’s surprisingly nice with the khaki colours that are around at the mo. so jealous of your shoe & denim collections! Xo

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