Getting Your Christian Louboutin Shoes To Fit

I know first hand that getting the right Christian Louboutin shoes is a task in itself and the sizing and fit is an even bigger task. I have learned a few tricks over the months from the lovely ladies of TPF and through trial and error myself. I thought I would make a little blog post to help those of you fit your Louboutin shoes if they are too tight, too small, they slip off your feet etc…

So if your Louboutin shoes are too tight and they pinch your feet, there are a couple of things you can try. Most shoes need breaking in but with Louboutin shoes he often makes the toe box very narrow and tight which is a little bit painful sometimes. One method you can try is the sock trick; you can wear your shoes while wearing socks to try and stretch out the leather/suede. Do this while you are at home of course, otherwise you might look a little silly lol. It does work, I promise it does. I have had to do it on a few pairs because I, like most people, have one foot a little bit bigger than the other and I always need a little more room in one shoe, so I put 2 socks on my foot and stuff my foot into the shoe and wear it around for ages until it gives in.

There is also leather stretcher spray that you can spray on the inside of the shoes and wear them to make them stretch. The only thing with this method is I don’t find it very reliable because it takes a long time for the spray to work. That’s my opinion, it might work well for others but it’s also really potent in smell and I can’t really tolerate that as I am sensitive to strong smells, especially harsh chemical smells like that so I definitely recommend the sock trick. I’ve heard about heating the shoes with a hair dryer to make them easier to stretch, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it can damage the shoes sometimes, especially if they are patent. It’s very risky on such expensive shoes!

Now if your Louboutin shoes are too big, there are some padding options you can try. There are foam heel grips which pad out the back of the shoe pretty well, you can get them really cheap and they work quite well. There are also foot petals which you can put on the insole at the front so it pushes the ball of your foot back a bit to lessen the gap at the heel. If the slingback is too big, a good cobbler can easily shorten it by taking some of the elastic out and re-attaching it. Lots of ladies have had this done with great results. The same goes for the mary jane straps, those can be shortened or made bigger by a good cobbler.

If your shoes slip off of your feet when you walk like they do for me, then there are ways of stopping it. It’s such a hassle! I know because I had it for so long and it made walking in my shoes really hard. Heel grips didn’t help this issue either. The only thing that I think works very well is double sided tape. I put Hollywood Fashion Tape strips on the inside of the heel of the shoe and then put my foot in it and press the heel of the shoe firm to the heel of my foot and it sticks. You can then walk in your shoes with out them slipping off! It’s really amazing but it is a hassle to do this all the time. I find the tape only works for 1 wear or 2 shorter wears and then you need to replace it.

I hope all of this information helps you in some way. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can πŸ™‚


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  2. thank you thank u i wore mine for first time last night and my right shoe kepy slipping off i was mortified and couldnt walk hardly had to sit ill try the padding at back and tape if i have too,thank you xx

  3. I bought my Louboutin’s about 3 months ago – I bought a half size up because I heard they “run small”. In the store they seemed to fit ok. After my first night wearing them out, I come to find out they feel much too small! I’m a bit upset that the people at the store didn’t help me find the best fit with such an expensive shoe 😦 I could try the sock trick, but I bought satin slingbacks, and I’m not sure there’s a way to stretch satin…any ideas?!

  4. Hi, I came across your site when I was looking for ways to ‘fit’ my Louboutin. I bought my first pair yesterday and I didn’t know the Italy sizing was a whole size off! I’m a normal US size 6 and that’s usually a 37. The lady told me to purchase 36.5 which would fit. The left one fits fine with a little gap back at the heel but the right has a much bigger gap. I’m going to try your double sided tape method. Is Hollywood tape the only type that works or can I use any double sided tape? I hope it works…they are so darn sexy!

  5. Hi Tiffany! If you have that much of a gap I would recommend getting a size down, Louboutin’s stretch out a lot and they will only get bigger with wear. Can you fit your finger in between the gap? Also, Hollywood tape works best as it’s already in the strips so you don’t have to cut. It’s designed to stick to skin. I haven’t tried any other double sided tape.

  6. Hello, I bought 5.5 inch louboutins with a 1.5 inch platform and the toe box is extremely short and my toes get squeezed when wearing them and they hurt alot! Do you think the sock method will work best? Please give any suggustions if you have any! thank you

  7. Oh I love the Bianca! Where did you get them from? Did you get a nice colour? The sock trick definitely works for the Bianca if you got your correct size πŸ™‚

  8. Oh and by the way How many Louboutins do you own? I only own 12. For any references christina aguilera owns the same pair I own which is the bianca closed toe pump.

  9. I own the Bianca in the black patent Since it was such a nice style I wanted it to match with everything I owned clothing wise. I bought them at Barney’s New York.

  10. You are lucky to have those ones πŸ™‚ I had the Bianca in Peacock but I returned them because I wouldn’t wear them. The toe box is tight though I know, it’s squashy but if you wear them around for a long time with the socks, it really does help a lot. I have about 12 pairs as well πŸ™‚

  11. hey my experience with louboutins suck. i totally have one pair of bianca’s that are a 37.5 & they are perfect. but i just got a pair that feels too small. its called open lips. & i have a wedding sunday & would love to wear them. any help? do you think the sock thing would work?

  12. The open lips ones are gorgeous! I love those. Did you get the black suede? You should try the sock trick if they are too tight in the toes πŸ™‚

  13. i got the black leather. but i got them as a gift & they were a size 37 instead of 37.5 & it was too late cause they only give you 14 days to exchange/return them. thank you

  14. Help!! I ordered the Rolando in black and just got them in the mail today. They are perfect except for it has a short toe box and my toes show a little bit, is this normal? They are also a little tight in the toe area. Should I return them or will the toe are give a little bit. This is my first pair of CLs and I really want to keep them, but I cannot afford to spend over $700 on some shoes that will hurt my feet.

  15. Ohh where did you manage to find the black Rolando? I haven’t seen those around in a while. Louboutin toe boxes are always short so you do get ‘toe cleavage’ as it’s called. The Rolando is definitely a painful shoe, I ended up letting mine go because of how tight they were on me.

  16. I ordered it off of the Neiman Marcus website. So in other words I should return it and get another shoe?

  17. Do you think you can put up with the pain? Shoes can stretch out if you are willing to put in hours or pain and wearing them around home for a long time but the Rolando is a very painful shoe in the toe box. I think it depends on how you feel about them, if it’s too much pain then maybe another shoe might be more suited to you. You could try the Bianca? That has a rounder toe and is gorgeous!

  18. Hi! I have a pair of the beige patent biancas (platform). They are so lovely but the salesman told me they would stretch a lot. When I wear them for an hour they do stretch out and the acutal shoe does fit but the right toebox is horrendously painful. Will they continue to stretch? I am just hoping they do

  19. I find the toe box is the last place that stretches out when you wear shoes. The heel and the sides stretch out first. You might need to put a sock on your toes area and wear them with that. Don’t wear the sock on the whole foot though because that will stretch out the whole shoe, only on the toe area, like put it on and then fold it back on itself so the opening is at the end of your toes. Does that make sense? That will make a double layer of sock which should stretch them out nicely πŸ™‚

  20. Hi! I just bought a pair of lady peeps in black leather! I bought them in 36s.. they are a bit too tight and I think if I get the 36.5s, it would be too big on me.. I’ve worn them for about half an hour at home and they are painful.. especially on the toe box! Will the sock trick work on this? And what are your thoughts on the lady peeps?

    Hoping to hear from you soon!!!! πŸ™‚

  21. Oh the Lady Peep is amazing! Did you get the slingback or the normal back? I think the sock trick might work on them, you can always try it πŸ™‚ No harm in trying right? How do they fit at your heel? Are they really painful at the heel too?

  22. I have the decollete in black patent. the right foot is extremely painful in my toe area. My middle toes are folding because i need more room. What method is best?

  23. I used my lady peeps for the first time last night. We went to the club and I had them on for 3 hours.. dancing and standing all the time.. They are not the most comfortable shoes but not the most horribly painful shoes either! I used your sock trick for a day and I made sure I prepped my toes with blister pads which I bought from Target.. and voila.. my feet survived in them! Haha I love them! Sexy and classy. And I got the normal black, not the sling back.And no they do not hurt my heels at all πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking for my next purchase.. the Lady Daf, Daffodils, OR Biancas in nude patent.. What are your thoughts?

  24. That’s great you never got any blisters or too much pain from them πŸ™‚ Really great! I wish I could say the same sometimes! As for the next shoe, the Dafs are really really high and I find the platform too high but the Bianca is amazing! Especially in nude, it’s gorgeous! I would say go with that one πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Lorna,

    I bought the black leather 90MM Prorata Pumps a couple of days ago, for work. My size is usually 39 or 38 depending on the shoe.

    When I tried the 38 at the store, the left shoe kept coming off when I was walking, so the assistant told me to get the 37.5. When I try the shoes now, they don’t come off, but the pain on my little toes is so great that I want to burst into tears! The problem is that my toes are extremely squeezed at the front, its like they dont have any space to breathe and I don’t know if that’s normal – I will try to put on a fat sock but I don’t see how it will fit.

    I didn’t expect to feel so much pain with this high quality shoes and now im starting to regret the Β£470 I spent.

    I bought these shoes for work – does this mean suffering for 7 hours a day or do you think I have a chance?

  26. Hi Andrea! Did you have any space in the back of the shoe between your heel and the back of the shoe when you tried the 38? If the pain is so bad it’s making you cry then I don’t think it will be tolerable actually, I don’t believe they will stretch out enough to get rid of the pain. If you had no space when you tried the 38, I would say then that would be a better size for you and the reason it could be slipping off would be like me, you have a curved heel shape so it will slip out of the shoe because it’s a soft shoe, in which case you might need to try the tape trick πŸ™‚

  27. actually the pain does not make me cry – its just a bit overwhelming on my two little toes, and im just wondering if its going to go away..

    The 38 did have a bit of space on the left foot..

  28. You could try out the sock trick for a while, perhaps if you can fit it, put 2 socks on and wear them around the house a lot if you can put up with the pain. See if that works. You can tell if they are going to stretch or not within the first hour really πŸ™‚

  29. I have the Jenny pump peep toe and wore them for the first time last night….ouch ouch ouch!! I got a huge blister on my foot and my toes were very squashed, the toe box is v v narrow, will try your sock tip, hope it works….will let you know :0)

  30. Hi Lorna. Help help help!! My boyfriend bought me a pair of pigalles. The black patent ones. I kept reading I should go up a size as they came up small. I ordered a 39.5. i am a 39 in all other heels. They are too big!! And silly me wore them up and down the garden path so now they wont take them back. I cant let me know they are too big and I cant get his Β£80 back!!! I need advice of how to make them fit. I got the pads to put at the back of my ankles but they have made no difference!

  31. Oh gosh! sorry! hahahaha no Β£380!!! hahaha. I have tried those pads that sit in the shoe at the back but they still slip off!

  32. Oh your little finger is not so bad, I was thinking you were going to say way more than that, have you tried the padded heel grips like I said or a different type of heel grip? Have you also tried using the double sided tape? It’s such a shame you can’t return them 😦 If none of these suggestions work then I wouldn’t know what to say as they are obviously too big for you 😦

  33. Hi Lorna,

    Thanks for the helpful tips above! Have you tried the sock trick on a pair of satin louboutins before? And if you have, has it worked? My new VPs are a little narrow around the toes but I’ve heard that satin CLs will stretch over time so I’m hesitant about exchanging them for the next half size up. TIA!

  34. Hi Lily, I don’t own any satin CL’s actually, I only have patent and normal leather or suede, I don’t have any different material. I think satin should stretch though, I’m not sure if it will stretch as much as leather because it’s not as porous I don’t think. I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with the satin ones 😦 You could try it around the house for a while and if you feel that it’s not working, then exchange?

  35. Hi! I just bought my CL’s about a month or so ago and I wore them out one time to a club and they killed me! my toes got squished and the shoes seem to dip down on the sides toward the toes so it rubbed up against the side of my foot and left they narly blisters. Mine are the black patin leather peep toe 150mm. Should i try the sock trick? anything to help the side blisters?? Thanks so much ❀

  36. Since you wore them out already and can’t return them I would say do anything possible, definitely try the sock trick, maybe try two pairs of socks if you can fit your feet in the shoes with them on πŸ™‚ I hope something works for you! So many people have problems with CL’s because he makes them so narrow and tight in the toe box 😦

  37. Hi Lorna, your blog is very informative and useful. Where can I buy the heel grips? I have a pair of Bianca Louboutins that slip a bit and this would fix the problem. Thank you!

  38. Hi Lorna, your blog is so so helpful! I recently bought a pair of black patent Helmour in 35.5 (I already bought them half a size smaller since they run small), but it’s still a little too big! And the fact that it is an asymmetrical d’orsay means it’s even harder to get it to fit proper. I tried foam insoles which didn’t work much, and also tried gel insoles that made it too tight! Sobs… Would you have any advice for me?

  39. Hi Lorna, thanks for your speedy reply! I have space of about my little finger between my heel and the back of the shoe. would you think the heel grip might work better? I’m a little hesitant to stick the heel grip there since the back of the shoe is so soft & comfy!

    The insoles I tried are the half-sized ones! Thanks Lorna

  40. Yeah I know the backs of his shoes are really soft aren’t they? You could try just places one of the foam heel grips there and putting your foot in it to see, don’t stick it on just place it. You could get an idea if that would make the size better. It’s hard when shoes are too big though, they constantly slip off of your feet 😦 What about foot petals? I think those are designed to push the foot back? πŸ™‚

  41. I’ve yet to try foot petals though. I’ll try out both pieces of your advice (heel grip & foot petals) and hope for the best. Thanks so much for all your help, Lorna!

  42. Well… I could return them, but seems like the smaller size is out of stock!! So I’d rather have them bigger than none at all!! πŸ˜€

  43. Hi Horna! I just bought Pigalle, 10 cm. They fit okey,but the toearea are rrreally tight. I bought them one size smaller than normally because i have heard they stretch. Do you think this model will??? Thanks πŸ™‚ /nicole

  44. Yes indeed! NM sells out really fast!!

    Anyway, I tried cutting my gel insoles into a smaller shape to try before I get the foot petals, and they seem to work better. Bought heel grips to try, but doesn’t seem as good though. I guess I know which works better now. Thanks so much for your awesome advice, Lorna!

  45. Hi Lorna, Ive just bought the simple pump 120mm in patent in a 36. The assistant said it was better to get them than the 36.5 as she said they would stretch even though i felt they were more comfortable so I went with the 36. The left is stlll tight on the toe box – Ive been doing the sock trick for a few hours now but Im not sure whether to change for the 36.5 – its not as if I will wear them for work so don’t know if they will stretch enough. Help I have 7 days to decide!

  46. Hey Emma, how often do you think you will wear them? How does the shoe fit on the bottom of your foot? If it fits perfectly on the insole and it’s comfortable then it might be worth trying a double sock? If the bigger one fitted perfectly and comfortable too, not too big in the back and doesn’t slip off your feet, they might be a better option if you will only wear them a few times. It’s hard to stretch out Louboutins when you don’t wear them much, I know.

  47. yeah I think you’re right – with the bigger size there was a little room at the back which might slip off with tights but i have a high instep so that can happen sometimes. My boyfriend said my feet looked squashed in them – but is that just the design? will a bigger half size be wider as well as longer?

  48. His designs make your feet look squashed most the time because he has tiny toe boxes and you end up with ‘toe cleavage’ as it’s called. I don’t think half a size would make much difference in the toe box, it might do a little bit but in my experience it doesn’t make that much difference, it just means your foot sits further back at the shoe but then it can slip off, I have slipping off issues too as you probably read. The Simple though is fairly rounded compared to his other styles like Pigalle etc. Are your toes touching the end?

  49. Hi Lorna, I need your help!!
    I am so pleased that i found this site – i thought I was all alone in the big world of painful feet and Louboutin!
    Basically, I have just bought the fifi strass 100 ( i think – the sparkly ones) for my wedding and they KILL my feet! I am trying to wear them in before the big day, but I am worried about putting ball-of-foot padding in, as I think it will push my foot up…and the real pain is my big toe joint as the side of the shoe rests there…
    Ideally I would like a pair of tights with an inbuilt foot cushion! I am worried about putting any padding near the joint area as you will see it.
    Is there anything you can think of?! Also, I am worried about walking and slipping if I wear tights with them!
    THANK YOU xx


  50. Hi Polly! Oh no, you are not the only one! Wow you have the crystal ones? They are amazing! Did you buy the normal crystal ones or the Volcano coloured ones? Have you tried wearing them with a sock for a while? To stretch out the toe box?

  51. Hi Lorna, thank you for your reply! Yes they are the normal crystal ones in Augora (or something like that!) I love them. I got a much cheaper wedding dress than I thought, so figured splashing out on the shoes was a good idea considering I would wear them again!
    I keep wearing them at night with socks on, and I think I will try and train my calves! But it is the area that they cut in on the joint of my big toe :-((
    I tried the same in the pointy version and I could not even stand, they were cut so low. I guess with Loubous, it is a bit of a competition in terms of ‘whose feet can take it!’ ha ha.
    I Would you recommend foot petals? xx

  52. Hi, they sound amazing! Do the shoes fit well or do they feel like they are too small? Do you have wider feet? I think you are having the same problem I have with my Pigalle, the toe box is really narrow and it cuts in on the side of the big toe but down a bit, I guess in that place where you would get bunions and it hurts. Is that what you mean? Since your shoes are strass, I don’t think they are going to stretch out much at all, they are covered in glue and crystals so it doesn’t leave much room for stretching unfortunately. Do you think you could go up a size? Foot petals would probably make the toe box tighter wouldn’t they? And the colour is aurora borealis it’s stunning! πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Lorna Emma again! I have to til tomorrow to change( or not )my simple pumps. I have been wearing them at home for the last 3 nights on and off the right seems fine but my left is still tight and my little toe seems bent over and i cant seem to stretch it Shall i go for the 36.5 ????? help again x

  54. Hi Emma! If your toe is bent over that sounds painful! Is there a way you can go to the store to exchange them but try the 36.5 on for a while to see if the toe box is any different? Wear them around the store and see how they feel?

  55. thanks for your advice! I did just that and went for the 36.5 and am very happy. I cant believe though that the red soles aren’t actual red leather, having only gone 3 steps on the pavement I couldn’t believe how marked they were!Any advice on protecting them?

  56. Oh I know, they mark so easily, they do get ruined so quickly. There is unfortunately no way to save them unless you want to put a red rubber vibram on the bottom, you can have a cobbler put them on but then that covered the sole, there is no other way. I’m glad the 36.5 worked out though!

  57. Hi, my husband is in Italy on a bussines trip and he wants to bring me a pair of Very Prive in black, I’m usually a size 36 in US, what size should he bring back? I heard the italian sizing is one size off?

  58. Hi, what shoes are you usually that size in? I find I am the same size in Louboutin’s as I am in most other brands. I’m from the UK though so I don’t know if US sizing is different? The older Louboutins, a couple of years ago, used to run smaller but I think now they run pretty much the same size? I wouldn’t like to say as I personally don’t own a Very Prive and I wouldn’t want to get it wrong for you. That’s really sweet of him though!

  59. Hi Lorna!
    A Spaniard Loub lover reading and enjoying your blog here! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I just bough a pair of suede Alta Iowa and, guess what?? Yes! they are too tight around toes! What a surprise, eh? I am a 36. The length is perfect, they don’t slip off nor do they hurt on the heel BUT the toes are tight enough to feel uncomfortable. As they are peep toe, my big one shows and it looks like a fat squashed ball of meat popping out of the shoe LOL!! Is the sock trick effective on suede peep toes? Thanks dear!

  60. Hey Sandra πŸ™‚ Oh the Alta Iowa are gorgeous! I love them so much! Where did you find them? I have found the sock trick quite effective with suede but not as much as normal leather would be, it takes a lot longer. You could try the shoe stretching spray on the inside of them as well?

  61. Oh! Thanks for the speedy reply πŸ™‚
    I bought them on Ebay! I don’t usually buy Loubs there because there are so many fakes running around the site but I took a risk this time (prior TPF authetication! πŸ˜‰ ). Yes, I will try the spray. Pfffft!! I must say I am a bit mad at Mr. Louboutin! I am a designer shoeaholic, I own Manolo’s, Versace’s, DSquared2’s, Dolce&Gabbana’s…. and NONE of those hurt my feet… The shoes adapt to my feet but, with Louboutin’s, I feel as if my feet must adapt to the shoe…Shouldn’t our beloved Louboutin figure out a way of making his shoes gorgeous AND comfortable at the same time?? We are not talking about 50€ shoes here!!! Oh gosh!!! I’m ranting, ain’t I? LOL!!

  62. Oh that’s lucky you found them there! I don’t trust eBay either but I trust those ladies at TPF and have bought some from eBay myself in the past πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about his shoes being painful though as they really hurt my feet too! It does feel like you have to make your feet narrow and suffer the pain just to fit his shoes, I think that might be why I don’t wear them so much anymore to be honest lol πŸ™‚

  63. Ok I need help… i have never bought a pair of Louboutins so Im totally lost.. I want the Bianca’s in black leather, I wear a 8 in all shoes. would I be a 8 or a 8 1/2?? Help Please πŸ™‚

  64. Hi, it’s hard to say, for me I’m the same size in normal shoes as I am in Louboutins. Are you ordering online? I took the peacock Bianca in a 39.5 and it fitted perfectly and my Louboutin size varies between 39-40. I haven’t tried the black ones so I don’t know how they run. You could try asking in the Louboutin section of The Purse Forum? πŸ™‚

  65. I went today and bought two pairs πŸ™‚ I got a 8 1/2 in the bianca and new delic!! Yay Im so excited!! This blog is awesome πŸ™‚

  66. I’m glad you like my blog Missy πŸ™‚ That means a lot to me! I love Declic, I have about 3 pairs, which ones did you buy? πŸ™‚ And don’t worry about the spelling lol πŸ™‚

  67. Hi Lorna,
    You’re such a sweetheart to help all of us with our sizing woes – thank you.
    I typically wear a 38 (7-7.5 US) in CL. My last lady peep and alti pump were both 38s… so I ordered the daffodil (simple closed toe leather) in 38, but they’re a little big (they slip when I walk fast). Too late to return. So other than the heel grip recommendation, do you suggest anything else? I’m going to try that one this weekend…

  68. Hi Nicole, it’s not a problem! How big are they at the bag? Can you fit your little finger in the gap between your foot and the back of the shoe? I think the foam heel grips are they best, they have more grip, or you could try some foot petals, they are insoles you put only at the front of the shoe where the ball of your foot sits and it helps push the foot back πŸ™‚

  69. Hi Lorna,
    good i found ur article..
    I bought my pair of Loub long time ago and only manage to wear it was ok when i was at the shop but after really on it for almost 4 hrs it hurt me a lot. gonna try the sock tip..cheers

  70. HI Lorna! I am so happy to have found your blog! So I bought a pair of Alta Dama (140mm) size 38.5 and have worn these AMAZING shoes only 3 times because my feet feel like they are bleeding! The sales ladies at CL swore they would stretch out a lot and they have not at all! I think it is because I just don’t wear them enough (because they KILL). Think the Sock trick will work? Is there such thing as a professional shoe stretcher…lol
    HELP I want to wear these everywhere! I need to get my $1200.00 worth!

  71. Hi Lorna,

    I’m so happy I found this website! I ordered two pair of Prorata 90mm. One in 39 and one in 39.5. I’m now torn! The 39 is snug and my toes hurt a tad…but not unbearable. The 39.5 feel much better but they have a tiny tiny space in the back heel. Is space bad to have? I’m mean it’s a tiny space. Or is it better to be snug?

  72. Hi Bryana! It all depends on how much you are going to wear them. Will you be wearing them loads for long periods of time? When you wear the 39.5 can you walk in them quite fast without them slipping off your feet or do they slip?

  73. I will not be wearing them that often and when I do I don’t see me in them for longer than 5 hours or so. The 39 makes an air sounds when I’m walking? Does that mean they are to small? The 39.5 don’t slip when I’m just walking…oh this decision is tough.

  74. Which are you most comfortable in? I think it depends on that. If you wont wear them that often then they wont stretch much at all. If the 39’s are too painful and you feel like they hurt your feet anytime you walk in them then I wouldn’t go with them. I have some like that which I was hoping to stretch out but it never worked out that way because they were too painful to wear to even stretch out lol.

  75. Hi, I just recieved the Big Stack 120 leather pumps as a present for my birthday however they are tooo small! I recieved the 35 but my toes are finding it really hard to get in the shoes! Do you think its worth it to have them stretched professionally? I’ve never done that before so not sure how they will work on the Louboutins!

  76. HI Lorna,
    I recently purchased a pair of CL Mago 1400 mm in blk,nude in size 40
    and the toe area is killing me. My toes look kind of bent and horrible especially because
    I have a wide foot!
    But when I tried on the 40.5 they were too big from the back.
    I don’t know what to do. Do you think they would stretch.

    Thanks, amanda x

  77. Hi Amanda! The Magos are so pretty! It sounds like you got the right size though if the 40.5 were too big, I think the Mago is just a shoe much like the Rolando, the toe box barely has any room and it’s painful all the time. If your toes are bent though, it doesn’t sound like they would stretch a lot to be comfortable, they would probably still be painful. Does it hurt a lot when you walk? Is it too painful to walk?

  78. It hurts a little when I walk, but it’s not unbearable.
    But the shoe makes my toes look retarted ! lol
    They are bent and look squashed. What do you think I should fo ?
    Btw, I love your blog πŸ™‚

  79. Most of his shoes end up making girls feet look like that actually, he likes the whole toe cleavage look and the toe boxes are always narrow so I understand what you mean. If they are not too painful then you could try the sock trick for a while around your house but the main problem would be are you ok with how they look on you? Like do you mind that squashed look because that probably wont go away, it might a tiny bit, but not properly. Mines never gone away. And thank you for liking my blog too πŸ™‚

  80. Tbh, I wanted a plain pair of his heels,
    either the Lady Daf nude or the Daffodile Black, but they are unavailable in Sydney.
    So my last option was the Mago, but I’m not sure if I want to bear that much toe clevage lmaoo. So I may opt for another shoe if possible, mainly due to the appearance.
    Do you know if there are any online stores that have either of those shoes, and
    that ship to Australia?

    Thanks heaps x

  81. I understand what you mean! I feel the same way completely. I only know of the normal retailers like Net-A-Porter, Matches, Browns, Pam Jenkins, Luisaviaroma, My Theresa etc but I don’t believe they have any of the Daffs in. Those are hard to come by!

  82. Haha I reckon!
    I’ve checked everywhere but i don’t know where to find them !
    Are there any shoes you recommend for people with wide feet, aka me lol
    Thanks for your help, this blog rocks and i don’t know what I would’ve done without it πŸ™‚

  83. I don’t mind, either Louboutin or another brand.
    But I would prefer Louboutin from the striking red, thats the main reason
    I want his shoes ! Lol
    Any other brands you suggest ?
    Thanks x

  84. For Louboutins, have you tried the Simple pump? Those have a more rounded toe so the toe box isn’t so squashy, I admit they aren’t as pretty but they are less squashy or if you want a high platform, the Bianca has a rounded toe area too and it’s less squashy. The Bianca is gorgeous! I posted the peacock coloured ones on my blog actually, you can see them here they do squash a bit at first still but nothing that stretching them out wouldn’t fix. But my feet are not very wide so for you they might still hurt, you could give them a go though? Bianca comes in nude and black too.

  85. Omg I love your shoes! They’re absolutely beautiful and the colour is breathtaking:)
    I’m actually going to try them on in the store !
    Does anyone on this blog have the Daffodile or Lady Daf because I want their opinion on the height and the total comfort available !

    Thanks again Lorna x

  86. Unfortunately I never kept them, I realised I wouldn’t wear them barely ever so I couldn’t justify the money on them. They were amazing though! I’m the only person on this blog if you meant any other writers but maybe any other readers could help you out if you meant that instead!

  87. Yeah thats true, thats why I wanted either a nude or black pair
    seeing as they basically match everything !
    Hahha yeah I meant that lmaoo

  88. Hi,
    My husband bought me my 1st pair of CL. Their the black patent Bianca!!! Which I love…however my right foot fits too tight, the right seems to fit just fine. I’m a
    7 1/2 US & these are 37 1/2 …do you think they’ll stretch?

    Because I’ve tried the 38 & they seem perfect for my right foot, but a bit big for my left:(

  89. Hi Yesenia! Wow lucky you! The black patent Biancas are gorgeous! When you say too tight, how painful is it? Is it so painful that you can’t walk in them? It seems like if you tried the 38 then it wouldn’t work out because of your left foot. I have the same problem as you but my biggest foot is my right one, it’s quite noticeable in my shoes actually. How good would it be if they could sell you different sizes for each foot?

  90. They were Β£130 GBP when I bought them but they since went in the sale! It looks like they are sold out now though. They only have a black pair with a snake pattern platform. You could try eBay though!

  91. Hahhah lucky you ! And thanks so much for your help.
    this is truly the best blog about Christian Louboutins.
    Are you on twitter ?

  92. Hi Lorna. I am a fairly wide 39 or 39.5 and want to buy my first pair of CLs. I love his Alta Fifre and the wedding shoes 01 (multi coloured strappy gold ankle sandals) but wonder how the fit is??? Can you help me before I spend the money please? x

  93. Hi, the Alta Fifre are really old, where were you able to find a pair of those? I haven’t seen those around for a long time. They are quite narrow though. Louboutins are narrow in general so ladies with wider feet tend to struggle with comfort a lot.

  94. Hello Lorna,

    I have fairly narrow feet and I normally wear a 7.5 in most shoes, but with many heels I find that they slip in the heel. I’m buying my first pair of Louboutins and I really want to make sure I get the right size. I’m looking at the Decollete 100 in the black patent and the Size 37 (Size 7 US) doesn’t slip at all and feels slightly snug. The 37.5 (Size 7.5 US) feel like it fits my whole foot better, but slips slightly (which can be annoying). The slippage is not a lot and I would imagine some heel grips should do the trick. What size would you recommend given the style? Do these shoes stretch at all? If so, do they stretch a lot? It’s silly to think ahead but I hear my feet might grow a bit after pregnancy which might happen this year…

    Please help – Thank you!

  95. Hi Melissa, congratulations on your pregnancy first of all! Is the 37 comfortable to walk in? I know you said it feels snug but can you walk in them fine and they aren’t painful? The stretching depends on how much you will wear them. If you plan on wearing them a lot then they will stretch out quite a bit. Patent does stretch so that’s a good choice to pick. I’ve been there with shoes that slip and heel grips barely work, the foam ones are the best but sometimes you can see on the foot that there is a gap and they don’t grip your feet all that well. Like I said above, if the 37 aren’t painful and you can walk in them fine and plan on wearing them a lot, I would pick those ones, and hope your feet don’t get bigger lol!

  96. Thanks for the quick response! I think you’re right on the 7. They’re snug, but they don’t hurt. I also don’t plan to wear them all that often and if they stretch a bit (I’ll try your sock technique above) I think they’ll be fine. The Decollete 100 style is all sold out now, but I’ve been told that it’s one of the basics and always comes back – do you have any idea when I should check back? It seems that Barney’s, Bergdorf, Neiman and Saks are all sold out… I’m also not pregnant yet, but my husband and I are planning to try this year. If they don’t fit after, then I’ll have to get some more πŸ™‚ I can see how they’d be addictive, such a gorgeous silhouette…

    Thanks so much!!!

  97. Oh I thought you meant you were pregnant! Well hopefully you will be πŸ™‚ Yeah they are one of the classics, the annoying thing about his classics is they never go in the sale lol but they are available every season. Stock varies from shop to shop so it might be worth sending an email to a couple of them and asking when they might expect their new deliveries. Have you tried calling a Louboutin boutique? They can do it over the phone for you and ship them out. I’ve done that before. Are they in stock on the Louboutin website?

  98. Thanks! I’m silly for thinking ahead about my feet growing, but I will be so sad if I only wear these a handful of times. They aren’t available on the website, but I will try the Louboutin boutique – great idea! Thanks so much for all of your help. Take Care!

  99. No problem! Let me know if I can help anymore and I understand about thinking ahead, you are excited cautious, I’m the same way! You take care too!

  100. Okay I just recently decided to purcharse the Lady Daf nude CL but was concerned about the fit… I wear a 9 US so should I get a 91/2 or 10? Ugh i just had a tragiccccccc experience with a another platform maryjane time shoe and it was noottttt pleasant at all .. I just wanna make sure I Don’t have this problem again. pleaseee give ur advicee asap =)

  101. Hi Kayla, I actually haven’t tried the Lady Daf heels so I am not sure how they run really but I do find CL shoes run normal size for me. You could ask in the Louboutin section of The Purse Forum. Those ladies might be able to help you out more! =)

  102. Hi Lorna,

    my fiance bought me a pair of Cls for christmas that were too big from neiman’s. I went back to exchange them and they didnt have a smaller size. so we looked at style after style and ALL of them hurt my feet (small toe box) ALOT. i did end up ordering the peep toe prive platform (sight unseen) but i am worried they won’t fit as well. How about this : which style is the WIDEST in the toe box?? haha. I really want a pair but am nervous there is no hope 😦 all the 36’s were too big (heel not even close) and the 35.5’s were too tight. My shoe guy was not at all helpful (kept trying to steer me to other brands)- i own prada, dior, oscar, Jc’s— no problem with them whatsoever. Please help!

  103. Hi Renee! I’m sorry they are all too tight for you! I think your sales assistant may have been trying to steer you towards other brands purely because CL has small toe boxes on most of his shoes. Every one of his shoes is quite tight. I would say though that one of his widest shoes would probably be the Simple pump, it comes in lots of different heel heights but it’s a rounded toe which makes it wider. Have you tried the Simple pump? Bianca isn’t too bad either, have you tried Bianca? That’s rounder in the toe area but it can be a bit tight too.

  104. when i tried them all on- the pointed toe almost felt better than the rounded but that could be in my head. what do you think of the NEW simple 120 or the pigalle plato? the prive i got is 100mm – i thought the shorter they were the less pressure on the toes?? also- i am not sure he could get any style- only those through the neiman website.

  105. The new simple is cute! Pigalle Plato is the same as a Pigalle but with a platform, I own a pair of Pigalles and they are the most painful CLs I have ever owned, they hurt my feet so much that I don’t even want to wear them lol. I wouldn’t recommend Pigalle to you if other CLs hurt your feet. You are right though, the lower they are the less pressure on the ball of your feet however I find the lower ones crush your toes more than the higher ones because your feet are less bent. It’s weird to explain lol. What about the Bianca Jazz?

  106. Hi, I got my first pair this Christmas and they seemed the right size at first so I wore them out – through the night my feet slipped down into the front of the toe and I am left with a big gap at the back – I am going to try your methods. On the night, I stuffed the toes with tissue – which I’m sure you have tried and know it is painful! Is there anything you can stuff the toe with that is not painful? I was thinking memory foam or something?

  107. Hi Alice, have you tried foot petals? They are little petal shaped inserts which you put on the ball of the shoe inside, those keep your feet from slipping forward, they keep them in position. They look like this maybe you could give those a try? It is annoying when shoes stretch out!

  108. Hello: 1st I’m happy to have found this site, lol, it’s good when you realize you aren’t the only one. Last week I bought the Louboutin cork colored Marple Town’s. I bought a 38 at first (WAY too tight) returned them for an 38.5 (I should have known because my Gucci pumps are 38.5). I wore the Marple Town’s yesterday and they fit (meaning no rubbing on the toe and heel, feet don’t slide, and toes don’t hang over the front of the shoe) however, my feet went numb (oh the expensive price we pay to look cute) meaning they are too tight. This is my first pair of CL’s so I panicked (as I already wore them on the carpet at work) and thought all was lost. But I’m going to try the sock trick and hope they loosen up a little. The toe strap is patent on top but lined with leather underneath – any thoughts as to whether this will actually stretch? Oh and I have Gucci pumps that squeak horribly when I walk in them, especially on cermic/tile like surfaces. I’ve read this is the sign of a faulty shoe shank but I hope that’s wrong – any thoughts on how to stop this?

  109. Hi Kia! Oh the Marple Towns are pretty! Great choice! I would definitely try the sock trick since it’s just a strap across the front, that should stretch out really well. You could also try tugging at it a bit (really carefully though) which helps. Sometimes I will pull lightly on the toe box of one of my shoes or put my hand in it and stretch my hand out. You have to be super super careful though, don’t break the shoe. I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you are not comfortable with it. There is also a leather stretcher spray, that works well, since yours is a strap, maybe you could spray some onto a cloth and rub it on the underside of the strap and then wear 2 pairs of socks while the spray stretches it out? That might be the best idea. I used the spray on my Treopli and it worked well. Just be careful with it.

    As for the squeaking, are they patent? I had a pair of patent Louboutin Esoteri booties and they squeaked really badly when I walked, they were perfectly made though, it was just the material. I couldn’t stop it unfortunately so I ended up letting them go.

  110. Hmm these are the black Gucci Betty High Heel Platforms, all leather material
    I hope I won’t have to let them go – they are SUPER comfortable :o(
    My work building is carpeted (they don’t squeak there) but the lunch and bathroom are not (this is where the squeaking puts on it’s Broadway musical show, lol). I don’t wear them outside.

  111. Oh that’s weird they squeak when they are leather. Maybe you could look online and see if there is a way to stop squeaking? I’m personally not sure. Sorry!

  112. Well thanks so much for all of your help :o)
    I think I’m going to send them in to the repair shop suggested on the CL’s website – if they can service those I would feel comfortable sending these in to them too.
    I bought them from Neiman Marcus after considerable research, etc. so we’ll see. Thanks again (especially for the prompt response).

  113. Hi Lorna,

    Is it supposed to be painful when you are wearing socks? Also, my left food tends to pop out when I have the socks on. Do I need to go up half a size?

    Thank you!

  114. Hi Stacy, yes, if the shoes were painful to start with which is why you are stretching them out, it’s more painful with a sock on because there is less room in the shoe. How painful is it? And when you say pop out, do you mean slip off when you walk or?

  115. Sorry about that, I meant to say to slip off.

    My toes feel like they are going numb. I can’t even wiggle them around.

    These are my first pair, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Thank you again!

  116. Oh so they slip off when you walk? If they do that then they are definitely not too small, otherwise your feet wouldn’t slip out. Which pair did you buy? Because some have smaller toe boxes than others and some are unbearable to wear.

  117. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour so much! I think those might slip off as they are a heavier shoe? You probably have the same problem like a lot of us, one foot a bit bigger than the other. Do your feet slip out when you don’t wear socks? The socks are to only stretch the shoes out so if your feet are fine without socks, don’t worry about it! Are they loosening up anymore?

  118. Hi Lorna

    Thanks so much for taking your time to entertain all of our sizing woes, it really does mean a lot to me! I do hope you can help me with my personal louboutin dilemma. I am considering either a corneille 100 in black leather or a piou piou 85 in blush patent – usually I wear a size 39 (UK 6) but since I am ordering these online from Net a – I’m worried that size 39 would be too tight. Do you think I should get a 39.5 or 40? Thanks again for your time Lorna – it is greatly appreciated!! πŸ™‚

  119. Plus since the style of the corneille/piou piou is similar to simple/decolette/pigalle – all of which I have heard are too large – I am wondering if I should just stick to my 39?


  120. Hi Chloe πŸ™‚ No problem! I haven’t tried those exact shoes, but I do have a pair of Pigalle and I took my normal Louboutin size in them, but they are so painful! Is this your first Louboutin purchase or do you have others? It might be worth you asking the ladies in the Louboutin section of The Purse Forum because they might have tried them there, they could give you more advice. I wouldn’t like to say simply because that’s a style I’m not familiar with. Sorry!

  121. Hi Lorna, yeap Louboutin virgin! am so excited to get them but just praying they fit. thanks a million anyway, and love the blog! will definitely try TPF

  122. Hi Lorna,

    OMG…Thanks for setting up this blog. I’ve been reading through fellow CL fans and realised I am not the only one suffering from the pain of owning a pair of the Killer Red Heels!

    My boyfriend brought me a pair of Decollette 868 100 Jazz Pump last week as a belated xmas present. We have been waiting for 2 months for this shoe. I tried it on at the store and at the time size 35 seams to fit ok, though I didn’t really walked around much.
    I felt the toe box was a little tight, I knew I had a slightly wider feet. The sales assistant told me to practice wearing it at home and to wear them with socks to stretched them out.

    I have been doing this for the past few days, wearing them no longer than 3 minutes at a time, cause they DO HURT!!! It fits snug, but is just tight at the toe box. Do you think it worth going 1/2 size up or shall I just continue to stretch it at home.

    This evening I have worn them for over 1/2 hr, though I have been sitting as I write you this message, so I guess there is no downward force on my feet, but I can feel my toes squashed together.

    This is my very first and sadly my last pair of Louboutin, as I don’t think I am made for the pain of wearing heels 😦

    I love shoes, unfortunately, they don’t love me in return.

    Please help!

  123. Hi Lilly πŸ™‚ That’s sweet of him to buy you them! How do they fit you length wise? Is there any gap at the back of your foot? Or is it just the toe box that’s tight?

  124. Hi Lorna,

    Thanks for your reply. The shoes fits perfectly length wise, no gaps what so ever. It’s just the toe box which are all squashed together, especially my second toe on my left feet, after taking the shoes off I see them bent and badly bruised.

    I tried practising wearing them again last night, for about an hour. The right feet seems fine though tight, but the left was more painful. When I took off the shoes both the little bones on my feets were red and sore 😦

    I’m thinking that I may have to return them back to the store this week, though I really don’t want to, I just can’t see how it will be possible for me wearing them standing up when im crying wearing them sitting down.

    What shall I do, is there any other alternative which has a wider toe box. I really don’t want to return them.

    Speak soon xx

  125. Hi Lilly, you probably wont want to hear this but I would take them back 😦 I don’t think those are going to become tolerable, it sounds incredibly painful and going up a size would make them gap at the back and slip off, I also find that going up half a size never makes much difference to the toe box area really, it just makes the shoes fit for uncomfortably because your feet are not on the insoles correctly. Maybe you could return them and opt for a Louboutin that has a wider toe box? I know it’s so upsetting how painful his shoes are. I actually stopped buying them now because of the pain.

  126. Hi Lorna,

    I took them back, though I was not as sad as I thought I would be…I have a replacement! I tried on the Simple Pump 100mm in Patent, and they are so much more comfortable, well as comfortable as a pair of heels can be. There is much more room in the toe box, I can actually feel each toe πŸ™‚ However, the length is an issue, its actually a little bigger than the Decollete. I could fit my little finger in the back. I walked around them for a few minutes, and it kept slipping off? Its that normal, that one style can fit me pefectly, no gaps but extremely small toe box, and the other, more space at the toe box, but longer in length?

    Anyway, my biggest dilemma now is…do I go for the Patent leather or the Kid Matt leather? I am told that leather will stretch over time giving more comfort, whilst the patent will stay relatively stiff?

    What is your experience? Which one do I choose???

  127. Hi Lilly! I was actually going to suggest the Simple pump, it’s much wider and much more comfortable! If you can fit your finger in the back of the shoe they are 100% too big on you 😦 You need to go down a size. Louboutin sizing is all over the place. Some of his shoes I am a 39 and others I am a 40 or even a 40.5, it’s crazy! Also because the toe box on the Decolette was narrow that may have pushed your foot back in the shoe so it appeared to fit. They will only stretch with wear so I would suggest getting a smaller size. Nobody can walk in shoes that have a gap. As for patent and matte, patent is pretty and I like it a lot, but the matte leather will stretch the most. You are correct on what you were told! It’s up to you which you like the most though, I have many patent Louboutins and they are comfy!

  128. hi Lorna-
    I just got the SImple 100 Pump in Patent in nude in size 38. got home, tried them on again and i am slipping out of them. I am normally a 37.5 in shoes. I went back to try the 37.5 and thought that they were too tight, really in the toe box, not horrible, but after standing for a while, my toes hurt. my big toe touches the front of the shoe. what should i do? get the smaller size and hope with socks to stretch them out? or have them big and add pads? does his patent leather stretch that much? help!!! thanks so much!

  129. Hi Molly! How do your feet fit in the 38? Is there any gap at the back from your heel and the back of the shoe? If there is no gap and they are slipping, it might be because you have different shaped ankles like I do and you need the tape to stick your feet in. If there is a gap, they are probably too big and would need padding out. It depends on the gap situation.

  130. You might be able to get away with heel grips then. If the half a size down was too tight and your toes were at the end, the length rarely stretches out in my experience, only the width. I would recommend the foam heel grips, the gel ones are very slippery. You could try some and see?

  131. Lorna,
    So happy I discovered your blog! 4 years ago I promised my daughter a pair of CL’s for her college graduation πŸ™‚ She just texted me that she just ordered her cap & gown – I’m so proud and excited for her! I can’t believe how fast the last 4 years have gone and now I’m stressing on which shoe to get! lol She’s 5’4″ and has a very narrow heal … she normally wears a 6 1/2 in a heal and a 7 in a flat. Looking for a “timeless classic” and thinking the Simple Pump 100 in black leather… or do you think the New Simple would be a better choice? She’ll be going to grad school and then secondary education. She wears a lot of Lilly Pulitzer, Ann Taylor …Jack Rogers and TB Revas. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

  132. Hi Pegge! Congratulations to your daughter on graduating! I am sure you are very proud of her πŸ™‚ I obviously don’t know what she would personally like as I don’t know her, so if you think the Simple pump would be good for her, then go with your instinct. Out of the two (Simple and New Simple) I would probably say go with the New Simple as it has a little bit of a platform on the sole, which will make them more comfortable on the ball of the foot. I have shoes with and without the platform and the platform definitely helps with comfort. It stops the hard ground being so painful on the feet. You can never go wrong with black leather either, it’s the most classic. I think that would be a wonderful present to her, she’s lucky she’s getting a pair of Louboutins! If she had small ankles, like myself, she may need to do the tape trick because CL shoes always slip off my feet, it doesn’t matter which pumps of his I try, they always slip because of my ankle shape. But hopefully it will be ok!

  133. Thank you, Lorna, for your kind words. I’ll be so proud and excited to see her walk acorss the stage to get her deploma in her CL’s. I really appreciate your advice on the platforms – stylish and practical! I love the fashion tape trick too … we use it all the time for clothing and I never thought of using it for shoes too. I’ve always used a little dab of stick glue on the ball of my foot to keep Jack Rogers sandals from slipping – I’ll definitely be switching to the tape trick! Thank you so much … best to you!

  134. Hopefully it works for you, well her! Oh glue, that might be interesting, but it might make the shoes a bit sticky? I definitely love the tape, it works so well!

  135. I’m usually around a 6 in size, but the Daffodile Louboutin’s that I would like only come up in half sizes. I can either purchase the 5.5 or the 6.5. What size would you recommend?

  136. Because they’re cheaper on this website but they don’t have full sizes, if i am a 6 what size would be better for me to get?

  137. Sorry but those aren’t real, they are terrible fakes, you can’t buy real Louboutins like that. Any website with Louboutin in the address (except for the real Louboutin website) is a fake. If you buy those you will waste your money because they are not real Louboutins.

  138. oh okay thank you! how expensive are the real ones? Because i’m only 15, and this is a treat from my dad haha! can you link me to the real website please?

  139. Hi, no those aren’t real either. If you are looking at the crystal Daffodil heels, you are looking at over Β£1,500. They are a LOT of money. All Louboutins are really expensive. The cheapest ones you can find of his would be some of his classics which are a black leather round toe pump or something similar at about Β£400. You can find real Louboutins on websites like Net-A-Porter, Luisaviaroma, My Theresa, Pam Jenkins, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue etc. All authentic stores. Hopefully that helps! But they are super expensive!

  140. Yeah, don’t buy fakes, fakes are horrible, they are nothing like the real ones, they fall apart, they don’t fit, they can snap when you wear them, the crystals wont shine, they will be really horribly and poorly made and people will know they are fake, it’s not a good idea. Plus it funds all of the crime and illegal things in the foreign countries. Definitely not a good idea, don’t support fakes, it’s upsetting to the designers and the effort and time they put into the products they make πŸ™‚

  141. Hi there! I just purchased my first pair of Louboutin’s they are the Altadama, I wore them last night for the first time and I had to take them off!!! My husband kept telling me to put them back on, but I couldn’t stand the pain! It was as if my feet swelled and I couldn’t even get the shoes back on! They are so painful on my pinky toe area! I did try the sock, perhaps not long enough :/ I’m hoping to get them worked in by the 10th I have a wedding to go too.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  142. Hi Kim, the Altadama is a gorgeous shoe! I have a pair in the lower heeled version, love them. They are narrow in the toe area though. I think you should really try the sock trick so much in the next week, even put two socks on if you have to, anything to stretch it out. It’s likely your feet did swell up though, mine have done it, when your feet get really hot they get bigger and then if they hurt they get bigger too, which might have been the case!

  143. Hi Lorna,
    I purchased the simple 85s in a 37.5 which is definitely my size. the 38 was too big…anyway, they are slightly tight in the toe area, but not as painful as some ppl have described. i read your blog and tried the sock trick. i wore 3 pairs of socks lol and wore the shoes around the house for about 3hrs. after i took them of..voila! the shoes had stretch..and a lot! it was great but i was almost worried that it was too much..however, i tried the shoes on again the next morning and it seems like they’re almost back to how they were beofre. im wondering, how often are you suppose to do the sock method until the stretch is permanent? how long should you leave the socks on each time?

  144. Hi Natalie, they probably didn’t stretch as much as you thought actually, as you were used to wearing them so tight with socks on, they felt looser? That happened to me too! And if your feet are hot, they swell up and shoes feel tighter. What I recommend doing is leaving balls of socks stuffed in the toe box while you are not wearing them too, this keeps them stretched out while not being worn. It does take a while for them to stretch out properly, but good luck with it! The Simple 85s are a really nice shoe! Not too high either!

  145. Hi Lorna,
    So excited I found your site!! I just purchased my first pair of Louboutins. I have the Maggie Metal Captoe in Pewter. I LOVE them. I am a size 10(40) but I purchased a 41. The shoes are very tight in the toe area. Should I follow the sock method? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  146. I would say in between a little and alot. I tried the sock trick earlier and stayed in them for about a hour and half and they did stretch. I will keep at to make sure they remain stretched.

  147. Hi Lorna,
    I decided to order CL Black Leather Daffodil. I typically wear european size 38, I heard they run small and I dont know which size will fit me 38.5 or 39 . I’m buying my first pair of Louboutins and I really want to make sure I get the right size. Please help me! Thanks.

  148. Hi tuti, most people say CL’s run small, but I actually find them not to run that small. I haven’t tried the Daffodil myself, so I am unsure, but I usually go with my normal shoe size in CL’s and that’s ok. But each of his styles vary, I have some in 39 and some in 40.5. I’m sorry about not knowing. Maybe go to the purse forum and ask the lovely ladies in the CL section! They will know.

  149. Hi Lorna! I really want to get the black suede Bourge 100MM boot, but I am not sure if i should go to a size 9 (since I wear a size 8.5) or not. I have a pair of very priv shoes that I was told to go a whole size up in and then I had to put heel grips in them to make them fit better and it is just uncomfortable. I know I will have help because it is a boot with the bourge, but I would rather choose properly. True to size? Half size up? or whole size up? Or do I need to go smaller?

  150. Hi Sara! With my experience, his boots always run smaller, I actually usually size up half or a full size in boots because they don’t fit otherwise. With the Prive’s you should have stuck to your normal size as it’s open toed, open toe shoes always give you at least have a size. I would say try a 9, if you can and have the option of returning them. Is there anywhere you can try them before buying? I haven’t tried the Bourge style myself, I have only tried some other boots like Clic Clac, Esoteri and some others. So I can’t say 100% exactly how they run, sorry! But like I said, from experience the boots always run smaller. Hope that helped?

  151. Thanks Lorna! I live in a place where I can’t get them and from what I see, they only sell them from CL directly. Good to know about the prive, because they don’t fit right, but I have “rigged” them to make them work. I think I will try getting a size 9 and go from there… So, you certainly helped. Thanks!

  152. I really hope they work out and I’m sorry if they don’t, but hopefully you can get them sorted. Is returning an option if you need to?

  153. Lorna: Just like all these lovely ladies I am happy to know that I am not the only one with CL tight shoe issues. Ok so I just got the Fifi 100mm in the nude patent leather size 38.5 (I am a 8.5 US). It seems my right foot fits fine (it’s snug but it is bearable) but the left shoes seems like super snug in there. My pinky toe seems like it is super crushed. I don’t know what to do if I should just get the next size up 39 or just stick with these and try the sock method. What do you suggest?

  154. Hi Sally! Yeah you are definitely not alone! How painful is the right foot? Can you walk ok or is it too painful? Also what are they made of? That determines how much they might stretch. I’m assuming there is no gap between your heel and the shoe too?

  155. I just bought a pair of nude new simple pumps at saks. normally a 7, but actually got a 36.5 in these as the 37 was slightly slipping and the salesguy suggested to go with the smaller size as they stretch. If you buy them at Saks, they will stretch out your shoe for free (takes about 5 min) for as long as you have the shoe! They stretched out the front a bit, but its still a bit tight, so I will try the sock method before bringing them into the store to be stretched again

  156. I am buying my first pair finally…I meant to order the bianca 140 but instead ordered the bianca 120. Have you ever worn the 140? I figured go big or go home. they are nude patent and gorg! i also ordered them in a 7.5 (what I always have worn) and I feel like my toes are smushed (and my heel is slipping out like always) should i try a half size up? my shoe guy says 1/2 size up, the CL girl says down. Im so confused!

  157. Hi! I have tried the 140, I had them in Peacock which you can see here but I didn’t keep them as I knew I wouldn’t wear them. They were amazing though! I have never tried the 120 Bianca, only the 140. If your heels are slipping out the back, it can mean one of two things, you have too much space at the back or you have narrow heels. Can you see a gap from the back of your heel to the shoe or can you fit a little finger in there?

  158. Hello! I have the pigalles in patent black and they are my first pair. I ordered the 38 and one shoe has a much bigger gap than the other. It’s frustrating because the sides are pretty tight on the width of my foot. The Pigalle has such an arch that I feel like if it was any tighter I wouldn’t be able to walk but I still have that gap behind my heel. The pigalle is so hard to obtain and I waited for months until it became available in my size. Not trying to completely lose out on them and I want to wear them to an important event in May. Could anyone let me know what they think? Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m a size 7.5 american and normally a 38 louboutin fits me, but this seems bigger than normal…

  159. Hi Leanne! My guess is because the Pigalle is so pointed at the front, you lose toe space, which is why the shoe is cute a bit longer in length because it’s impossible to cram your toes into that tiny point. I don’t think anyone finds the Pigalle shoe comfortable, for me it’s one of the most painful shoes I own actually. It’s a shame because they are amazing shoes. Is it the toe area that hurts you or the fact there is a gap from your heel to the back of the shoe? πŸ™‚

  160. Hi Lorna! I have a pair of dΓ©colletΓ© CLs that were perfect when I first got them but now that it’s been a little while they’ve stretched a bit and they’re practically unwearable because my heel won’t stay in them. I’m really hesitant to use heel grips or double sided tape because I don’t want to alter my expensive shoes by either having a permanent shoe insert or sticky residue left behind for tape…do you have any other suggestions? Great site btw…very informative! πŸ™‚

  161. Hi! Wow you must have worn them loads! Unfortunately there is no way to grow your feet or really shrink a shoe so that’s why heel grips and tape are really the only options that work 😦 I’m not sure if you took your shoes to a really good cobbler if he or she could professionally shrink them? You could try asking? Only go to one with a good reputation though, you don’t want one who will mess up your shoes at all πŸ™‚

  162. Yes, I’ve worn them about a dozen times but for usually 8 hours at a time since I wear them to work. Seems like the heel slipping while everything else is tight is a recurring theme…I wish there was another solution other than the standard heel liners…I do have a guy that does all of my shoe repairs…never thought to bring my CLs to him…I might just try that. Thanks!

  163. It’s worth a shot! I guess you have nothing to lose trying to see what he thinks at least! Heel grips are not that bad though, when you wear the shoes they don’t show or anything, they are pretty much invisible!

  164. Hi Lorna,

    So glad I found you! I am a CL virgin and I have been in love with an old style, the Gressimo 140 Suede Pumps, for a long time and finally found them on a website that delivers to Australia – my dilemma is I dont know what size to get. I am a Size 39 (Aus 8) in most shoes, but I can easily go up half or one size if they are narrow….. I have a wide foot but not a log foot and dont know what to do. The website only has Size 39 or Size 40 available – no half size. I dont want to spend the money only to find they are too tight or too big….. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks :o)

  165. Hi Dee! You are lucky to have found them! That style is fairly old now, where did you find them? Which website? If you have wider feet, I can pretty much guarantee you will find Louboutins painful. I have quite narrow thin feet and I still find most of his shoes painful in the toe box area, as do most ladies. I haven’t tried this exact style that you love as it’s too high for me. I think it’s beautiful though! Since it’s open toed, that always gives some room. I usually size down half a size from my usual CL size to fit his open toed shoes. But since you haven’t tried CL before, which brands are you a 39 in? Designer brands? I find I am a 39 in designer brands but I end up being more of a 40 in non designer brands and I fit a 39.5 – 40 in Louboutins. But let me know where you found them online? I haven’t seen them around in ages! πŸ™‚

  166. Thanks for such a quick response Lorna πŸ™‚ Yes a very old style but I have been in love with them for just as long hehe….. I have some Guess shoes in which I am a 39 but in non-designer shoes I can vary from 39 to 39.5 – very rarely am I a 40 in non-designer since my prob is mostly width not length…. Do you think I could do the Size 40? Or would it be too long or since I have wider feet, d’u recommend not going the CL path due to the pain? Thanks so much for your help πŸ™‚

  167. Hey πŸ™‚ The reason I checked the website was because those shoes are really not around anymore, and I am glad I did. This website isn’t real, it sells fake shoes, so all of those Louboutins are fakes and not the real ones. The style you mentioned isn’t on there either, but you can’t buy Louboutins for about $160, it’s just not possible. That saying about if it’s too good to be true, then it is, is true in this case. I’m sorry! But if you buy those, you wont get a pair of Louboutins, you will get a fake piece of rubbish that will break and that supports black market illegal sales. Just a note for the future, any website that has Louboutin in the title (which isn’t his actual official store) is a fake website selling fake shoes. Sorry! Hopefully you have better luck trying to find them, but at least you saved your money now!

  168. OH MY GOSH! Thank you sooooo much for the warning Lorna – obviously I have no idea hehe…… I just figured the price was so so good because it was such an old style….. I will keep searching though coz I do love that style! In the meantime, are there any reputable sites that sell REAL CLs that you can recommend that will deliver to Australia? Thanks a million πŸ™‚

  169. Hey! Of course, I think Net-A-Porter delivers to you, they have a great collection. Also,, and have you tried the Louboutin website? I know he ships to the US, Canada and Europe! And you are welcome. I always like to make sure I give my advice on authentic Louboutins as I am completely against fakes πŸ™‚ also even old Louboutins never go that cheap either 😦

  170. Hi Lorna,
    What CL do you recommend that doesn’t have such a narrow toe box? Any of them? I just bought my first pair of CL’s – Mater Claude and it’s very tight on my right foot, specifically in the toe area. Unfortunately I have big feet and I bought the 42’s so I can’t go bigger.

  171. Hi Mandy! Those ones are so pretty aren’t they?! You could try the Simple pump, that’s fairly round so it’s not too tight in the toe box!

  172. Hi i want to purchase the no prive riche slingbacks n i was wondering are they true to size im a us 7 should i get the whole size which is 7 or half size which is 7.5. N they do have the peep toe but i dont have wide feet

  173. Hi nita, I haven’t actually tried that shoe so I am unsure how it runs. I know peep toes do give you some extra room though. Maybe run a search on the Christian Louboutin section of The Purse Forum, that will help!

  174. Hi LOMA !! I am thinking of purchasing the LADY DAFFODILES in black (leather) I have NEVER owned any CL shoes be4. I wear a 9 1/2 In the U.S. I have really fat feet. I kno these shoes will hurt (as all high heels do) I just want to be able to make sure that they dont alter the appearance of my feet (as in blisters and toes bending back etc.) What size do u recommend I purchase so that I may have extra room in the front? that way my feet arent screaming that much?

  175. Good Morning Lorna,

    Okey so I read through most of your advices and I am amazed by your patience to answer that “toe-box-dilema” over and over again, you should really send a letter to Mr. Louboutin and advise him to do something about the pain he causes to his fan’s! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I also bought my third pair last February in Paris, most of my shoes are a 39, the one I bought was a (Yolanda patent nude), a drop dead sexy peep-toe… my feet were probably cold or shrink due to the winter-season, because I purchased a 38.5 which fit perfectly, the 39 I slipped out when I walked around the store. – Now I did not wear them until first time 3 weeks ago and ouch although they only carried me into the restaurant and out, I had to ask my husband to carry me on his back, back to our car – ha ha ha, that must have been a funny impression I made.

    Now okay my feet seem to be swollen in spring – don’t want to imagine what happens in summer, but honestly should I have purchased the 39 one and worked with all the tips you are giving the other ladies (heel grips and gel soles), or should I not give up and wear socks to widen the toe box?

    Just because I am curious, has anyone ever asked herself if the celebrities have the same problem with CL shoes, do they have someone wear them out for them, cause I cannot imagine JLo, Cameron, Demi or anyone in Hollywood walking around in socks with the until they are comfy, or do they just wear them bigger and work with all the tricks….

  176. Hi Lorna,
    I just received my first pair of CL’s today as a gift from a special friend!! They are the Rolando Black Patent and are GORGEOUS, however, like with the rest of EVERYONE on here, they are so tight in the tow box. I love the toe cleavage for sure but my poor piggies are dying. I’ve only worn then around the office today and had to take them off and put them back on to give my toes a break. My left foot slips out of the shoe also so I would not be able to go a half size up as this would really keep them from staying put on my feet. I will try the sock trick and really hope it works. I can’t bare to think of returning them and cutting off a toe or two really shouldn’t be an option so we’ll see LOL I am a 6.5US with more of a wider foot than narrow and the shoes are a 36.5…do you really think the patent with give some?? Thanks for this blog and info, i feel like I’m now apart of an elite shoe club!!! πŸ™‚

  177. Hi Monica πŸ™‚ I know what you mean! I did have a pair of Rolando’s and I had so much pain with them that I sold them, they are a very tight toe box shoe, even for people with narrower feet like myself struggle with them. Patent doesn’t stretch out as much as regular leather, but it’s always worth trying it. You could try getting them professionally stretched as well?

  178. Hi Tyme! Did you mean flat feet or fat as in wide feet? Because if you have wide feet, I wouldn’t recommend the Lady Daffodiles, they will be so painful on your toes. I haven’t tried this style myself, so I am unsure how they run. If you buy a pair of his shoes with room in the front though, they wont fit you and will slip off your feet constantly, you would have to pad them out with heel grips and things and then the insole wont fit. I tried that with a pair of his boots that were really narrow, but my foot didn’t fit in them right and the insole hurt my foot as it stuck a lump in it unfortunately.

  179. Hi Dayana! That’s good of you to have taken the time to read all of the comments lol! There seem to be loads πŸ™‚ It’s definitely a common problem. Yeah the heat and seasons do really change your feet, I think they can change almost a full size from winter to summer. For me though I don’t have this issue as I have bad circulation and my feet are always freezing cold unfortunately (even in summer) so they don’t change size. Since the Yolanda are a peep toe (and gorgeous by the way) would you wear them more in the spring and summer? Because it’s warmer? If so, maybe you should go up a size? Peep toes generally do give more room though, so you could try stretching them. But if you can’t even walk in them because it’s agony, the stretching wont work enough for them to be comfortable unfortunately!

  180. hi i want to get my first cl but i am ordering the dafodil in nude i am a true 9.5 should i go a 1/2 size bigger please help

  181. Hi! CL seem to run a little differently to the other brands, but I am unsure exactly on the Daffodils. Maybe you can ask on The Purse Forum in the Louboutin section. Those ladies can help you out!

  182. hi Loma! I got my second pair of CL’s this past week. I have the prive peep toe pump in a 39.5. I got the simple pump in black in the same size. I wore them out one night and now they feel very tight. I am a us size 9. Did I get the wrong size? I hope they will stretch out, and I am considering taking them to the cobbler to have them stretched. Thank you!

  183. Hi Elsa! Usually peep toes give about half a size or a little bit more in length because the toe box isn’t as restricted as closed toe pumps. That might be why the Simple’s feel tight on you in comparison. It also depends on your feet, if they are hot they will be more swollen so they wont fit in the shoes well, but if they are cold or normal temperature, they will fit fine. How tight are they? Are they really painful? And did you get patent or nappa?

  184. Hi Lorna,
    Have been scrolling through your blog with much interest! I have a pair of the Big Stack 120 which I’ve worn a couple of times. The first few without any padding, etc then I got some heel grips which seemed to help, but I can’t seem to stop one foot from rising out of the shoe when I’m wearing them. First I thought this was just that they were slightly too high for me perhaps, but I have a pair of Kurt Geigers for work which do the same, I appear to have a much narrower ankle on my left foot! Do you think that using a foot petal perhaps on that one foot to drive my foot up?

    Any advice, much appreciated!


  185. Hi Nic! I feel your pain because I too have narrow ankles, which I am sure you know from reading the post. You could try a foot petal to push your foot back, however I don’t know if it will work, because your ankle is narrow, pushing it back probably wont make it stay in the shoe because it’s still narrow, the heel of the shoe wont grip to your foot. You could try the tape thing that I do, that works really well for me because my issue is so bad that neither of my feet stay in my shoes with any step I take lol. The only thing is, it does leave a small bit of sticky residue on the back of the heel.

  186. I’ve got the heel grips so I imagine that the tape would stick to that as much as it would the shoe so that shouldn’t be a problem. Would you put the tape on the sides of the heel to encourage it to stay put???

  187. I put the tape exactly where the heel grip goes, so you see where the heel grip is stuck on my pink shoe, that’s where I put the strip of tape, you could try that?

  188. Thanks! Will do – i’ve just ordered some of the foot petals and will grab some of the tape next time i’m in town! Will let you know, hoping to wear them on Sunday for a longer much more comfortable time!

  189. Hopefully they work out! Let me know if they do, I’m sure all of my readers and myself would love to know! I don’t often get follow up stories!

  190. Hi, just thought I’d update you! I got a great pair on leather insoles in the end from Harvey Nichols in Bristol! They said they were stocking a larger footcare range due to stocking LK Bennett. Anyway, wore them out on Sunday, worked a treat. Even manged to have a little dance, wouldn’t have thought that a few weeks ago! Also had a little treat being a pair of patent piou piou’s in hot pink, exclusive to HN! Very excited, picking them up tomorrow as my size is coming from another store! Thanks for your help x

  191. Oh thanks for letting me know Nicola! That’s great you got the insoles to work, I had no idea they stocked leather insoles, I suppose those would have more grip! I’m glad it worked out! The hot pink colour is amazing too!

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